Welcome to the Winner’s Circle

The Winner’s Circle at Cox Business is a prestigious invitation to recognize the ultimate success in sales performance. Find out how David Morton, Account Executive II for Cox Business Outside Sales, has achieved this exciting recognition twice.

Hi David! So, what’s a “day in the life” of an Account Executive?

I learned a long time ago about the “Giver’s Gain Mentality”. It’s a philosophy about looking out for others before we look out for ourselves. For me, this is something I am able to do in my networking groups. I put their concerns and needs before my own.

Networking is crucial - I am involved in several networks for different industries like furniture, real estate or finance. If I am in the car driving and my phone rings with a lead, I will immediately call my contacts to share an opportunity with them, and they appreciate me as a connection. With that relationship, they are willing to learn from me about the services and solutions of Cox Business from internet and phone to business security.

What’s second nature to me is my product and technical knowledge. Cox offers many products and services so I often wear different hats when I learn areas of the business that will help me in my cold-calling and referring the right services to meet the needs of my clients.

You’ve been recognized two years in a row at the Winner’s Circle! How did you do it?

Across each Sales division, we are placed in a bracket competing to earn our sales goals. Every year the top performers across the nation are invited to attend a celebration to enjoy exclusive recognition and networking.

For 2016 and 2017 I was recognized as one of the top performers from our Hampton Roads, Virginia location. In the first year, the Winner’s Circle celebration was hosted for five days in Maui, Hawaii and my wife and I enjoyed every minute!

Winner’s Circle 2016

For the next celebration, we were given a cash bonus that my wife and I used for some home improvement projects. Cox definitely shows us appreciation for all the hard work that goes into a successful sales year, and after nine years of a career with Cox, I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this company.

Special thanks to David for letting us get a glimpse of his job success in this version of our Cox Employee Spotlight. Want to learn more about our Sales roles, visit our website.