Podcasts for 2016

I’ve listened to podcasts off and on for years. I find that when I listen to them I become motivated. I tend to find a many gems of information while listening to them.

The first podcast I ever followed was Build and Analyze with Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin. I devoured these episodes as well as several other podcasts on the 5by5 network. After Build and Analyze I found the Accidental Tech Podcast. ATP led me to Under The Radar with Marco Arment and David Smith. Both Marco and David are fantastic developers and provide their. thought-process when developing apps.

To me, I feel like Under the Radar is the perfect podcast. It’s short and each episode covers a specific topic. It seems that each episode generally touches on something I’m currently working on. The topics help me focus on an idea that I’ve been dealing with in my head. This year I wanted to take full advantage of them.

The Podcasts

This year I wanted to focus on listening to the them and add a few more podcasts that are development related. I’ve created a playlist that includes the following podcasts:

  • Under the Radar
  • Accidental Tech Podcast
  • Build Phase
  • Core Intuition
  • Debug
  • Developing Perspective (This podcast has ended but I’ve added all previous episodes)
  • Iterate
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber
  • The raywenderlich.com Podcast

I’ve added a few random podcasts to break up the playlist a little:

  • The Incomparable
  • Serial (Great podcast)


These are definitely not set in stone and and I am still looking for suggestions to add to this list. Contact me if you have any others.

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