Podcasts for 2016 (Updated)

Input from nice people

In the fall of 2014, I began attending meet-ups for the Greenville, SC chapter of CocoaHeads. As much as I can I also try to attend NSCoder meet-ups. The folks are awesome and I’ve learned a ton them.

Recently a Slack organization formed to connect the various CocoaHead groups. Slack is a great phenomenal communication tool. It has facilitated fantastic communication between iOS developers.

Recently electric jemmons inquired about what development-related podcasts members listened to. There were many great suggestions that were development, business and start-up related. Long story short I’ve added a few more podcasts to my list.

I don’t think I’ll ever have time to listen to music again…

Updated list…

Accidental Tech Podcast
App Story
Build Phase
CocoaConf Podcast
Concepts in Code
Core Intuition
Developing Perspective
Edge Cases
iOS Bytes
The iPhreaks Show
More Than Just Code podcast
Notification Center
Planet Money
The raywenderlich.com Podcast
Release Notes
StartUp Podcast
The Talk Show with John Gruber
Under The Radar

and….. Serial.

Thus far I’ve listened to A16z and Concepts in code and found them to contain a ton of valuation information. Currently listening to Edge Cases and I’ll try to give feedback on these as I form more of an opinion.

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