All of these kids resisting arrest and being a general nuisance to the police is, in my not so humble opinion, a colossal failure or negligence regarding any learned respect towards law enforcement or authority figures.

My Pop, the biggest man I’ve ever met that stands only 5' 6", taught me from an early age that if I’m ever stopped by the cops, you say, “Yes, Sir. No, Sir. You’re right, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir”. You can’t outrun them because they have these things called .357 Magnums and bullets are faster than anyone on the planet. I don’t care how tough you are, they have these things called radios where they’ll call their fellow officers who also have .357 Magnums and they’ll bring as many as they need to bring you down. He also taught me that there is nobody better and more willing to help you when you’re in trouble. Flat out, they deserve our respect because they keep us safe.

Consider this. Their job prevents them from having a bad day. Having been fortunate to have a ton of friends and shipmates who are law enforcement officers, I know first hand the unbelievable bullshit that they have to face on a daily basis. The next time you see a LE, consider the amount of training that this individual has had over the years at his job. Now, consider that at a rough estimate of 20% for every 10 officers also has military training and experience in combat. The self-control they need to have on a daily basis must be samurai like. If they had no self-restraint, they could really lay down a storm of hurt upon you. If you think the officer you’re dealing with is being a prick, maybe he just left a situation where he found a child killed by a pedophile and he had to arrest the pedophile rather than giving into his desire to kill that person so they couldn’t ever do it again and it’s still bouncing around in his head. Maybe his best friend was gunned down two days ago by a kid who needed to kill a cop to get into a gang. You thought you were having a shitty day because you forgot to fill out your TPS report cover sheet correctly.

I’m not sure what generation went wrong with this. Maybe it’s too much TV, day care, and Xbox raising our children instead of the parents. Maybe it’s because some parents have children without really wanting to have them. Who knows for sure but, learning behavior starts from the parents and or parental figures. If you do a shit job of laying a building’s foundation, your building has no chance of lasting.

I know for a fact that I couldn’t be in LE. I’d snap after a day or two, deplete my ration of ammunition into some jack fuck and live out my days in a padded cell.

Parents need to teach their children to respect them (the parents), others, authority figures, but most importantly themselves. We also need to teach our kids to consider how what we say/do will affect others. If your kid fucks up and does something stupid than it’s your fault. You’ve failed as a parent.

Solution — When a minor gets arrested, lock up the parents with them. Give them time to get to know each other. It may actually be the first time ever.

That’s enough. Thanks for your attention. Don’t forget than your vote matters and I want it. I’m Rob Reid and I approved this message.

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