Mountain Storm Dream

This Story is based on A dream i had which really did seam to have dreams within dreams. Of course there is some editing to make it more liner and understandable. But all images included were from the dream.

The Wind seamed to frenzy as the climbers got higher. If the weather became anymore violent or oppressive, they’d have to turn around. But being the stubborn aggressive pricks that they were they carried on, dragging frozen bodies higher and higher into the so called heavens.

But of course as they got higher the weather became worse. But in an intense unnatural way. The noise the wind produced started to became so loud it was unbearable. They come to a spot on the mountain where crevasses scare the cliff face like raked claw marks, made long ago by some titan of mythology. Here they take refuge from the maelstrom. They crawl and climb as far back as the can get from the weather then huddle close to warm one another. But the wind is unnatural and relentless. The noise of it seams to follow them in. Its like an entity. A noise of unspeakable hatred screaming inside their ears. Without the climb to concentrate on it starts to produce auditory hallucinations within the men,they begin to hear things.

One hears the noise of war. He hears artillery fire and explosions. It feels like the mountain is beginning to break-up and crumble around them. It sounds like voices of dying men are screaming for help around him.

Another hears the noise of fire, the cracking and breaking of heated timber and the crawling dismembering sound that flames make as they consume and grow. And there inside the noise of the fire he hears the cries of infants. His young kids being burned alive. He sits there unable to move, his skin so cold it burns while tears freeze his eyes shut.

Another man feels like he’s back in a P.O.W. camp. He feels like he’s back in that cell, waiting. All around him echos the screams and crying of his friends and comrades being tortured. The yelling of abuse from the guards. The dull thuds of kicks and punches. Dogs Barking and a chainsaw being started. All through this he sits waiting. Waiting for his turn.

And so all of them sit there, freezing. As they get colder and more frozen it feels as though their very being is been consumed by the noise of the relentless wind. Colder and Darker it gets until I manage to scream out and finally wake myself up.

I had this dream while sleeping inside a tent. It was blowing a gale at the time so i’m guessing that was a big influence on the dreams structure. Another influence, the feelings of doom and that apocalyptic feeling of death came from the fact i was coming down from a long opiate binge.

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