The fascinating story of a Japanese bakery maker

A month ago, I came across a story about a bakery maker on TV. The episode was narrated in Thai, but I thought this story might be helpful to everyone.

The guy quit his office job and launched a bakery in his home town, because he enjoyed cooking so much. The entire operation ran by himself and his sister, because he wanted to make sure that he made every single bread himself. So, he would have to bake from 11pm to 5am everyday and his sister took care of the shopkeeping afterward.

After a few years, he became so successful that the city council awarded his shop as “the symbol of the town”. The customers were willing to wait in line for hours every morning to buy as he only made a hundred of them each day.

Despite the success, he made less money than what he earned from his previous job. The bakery was priced cheaply, so they are affordable by everyone. He just did it because he loved to make bread.

I think his story examplified the spirit of the craft movement community. They want to spend the rest of their live working for what they love. Money is crucial but only up to the point that enable them to do what they love. The joy of doing what they love is the true ultimate goal.

And he is certainly an example of the craftsman who accomplished this.

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