The hard truth of DIY

Many of us are drawn to DIY thinking that it’s a way to save money only to discover that it’s quite the opposite.

To do it yourself, in most cases, you need to have basic tools in place. And as such usually costs quite amount of money, especially the power tools.

You have to use those basic tools massively in order to justify the costs of owning them. In most cases, DIY is not the case, because you only have a DIY project once in a while. Therefore, you end up spending more money in total going DIY compared to buying the finished products.

That’s the hard truth of DIY.

The real benefits of DIY at least in my opinion is the ability to customize to really fit your specific needs. Other than that, it is the joy of making stuffs on our own and the opportunities to practice problem-solving skills that DIY can bring to you.

People who do save money by going DIYs in most cases are those who already have basic tools in place for some other reasons. For example, they are professional technicians. DIY allows them to further utilize the tools.

In my case, I started off with DIY. Then I realized that many DIY projects did not practically usable. Later I began to be interested in crafts. If we want to make something on our own, why do we have to make them ugly or cheap? Why can’t we make them beautiful and really works. At this moment, I do crafts mainly and some DIYs once in a while.

So, think carefully. Make clear what you really want to get out of DIYs?