The Quest for a Pudding

One thing that keeps bothering me through out my life is what kind of dessert a pudding really is…

Since I was a kid, whenever I heard of the term pudding, I always think of a dessert that looked like a custard.

Yorkshire Pudding (image from

But when I got older, I was surprised to learn that there were famous desserts in the UK, namely Yorkshire Pudding. It looked so much differently from a custard.

Perhaps, the only common characteristic of these two deserts is that the fact that they have a round shape. So, I thought a pudding might means a dessert with a round shape. But, I was in total stage of confusion again when I saw a type of dessert in Starbucks that was called a pudding cake, but does not have a round shape.

black puddings (image from

To complicate things the matter, there is another UK food called Black Pudding, which is not a dessert, but a savory. It’s made of sausages.

So, can anybody shed some light on me as to what is a pudding? In other words, what characteristics a type of food has to have to be eligible for the name pudding?

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