We’re accelerating our mission to provide peace of mind to renters and landlords everywhere.

This is an exciting time for all of us at Cozy. If you haven’t seen the news, we were acquired by CoStar (NASDAQ: CSGP), the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics, and online marketplaces.

CoStar powers Apartments.com, the top online apartment listing website, which offers more than 30 million renters access to information on millions of available units for rent each month. CoStar and Apartments.com share our vision and strive to accomplish the same goals. …

Personalize your place without losing your security deposit.

If you own your home, you can knock down walls, paint with bright colors, and make as many modifications as you want. Not so if you’re renting. Many landlords specify how much their tenants can upgrade and decorate — conditions you can usually find in your lease. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.

There are many ways to personalize your space without leaving a mark. But before you make any changes to your rental, carefully read your lease. It may include requirements or limitations for painting walls, hanging art, and changing appliances or fixtures.

If your lease doesn’t…

Collecting rent is automatic and effortless with Cozy. And now, so are late fees.

With Cozy, you can easily collect rent from your tenants for free, and now you can add automatic late fees. Landlords have been requesting this feature, and we’re happy to give them another tool to help them simplify their rental businesses.

Landlords who don’t enforce late fees can end up chasing down rent and feeling the stress of unpredictable cash flows. Adding automatic late fees not only gives you peace of mind, but helps you enforce the terms of your lease.

Automatic late fees will help encourage your tenants to pay their rent on time, which means you can focus…

A great product requires world-class teamwork.

As Cozy grows, both as a product and company, we strive to hire new folks who not only align with the way we work, but challenge us to be better. Because our engineering team is in the process of bringing another software engineer on board, we decided it was a good time to outline what we collectively value.

We agreed to codify why we’re the kind of team that produces such excellent technical work, has camaraderie, and practices good communication. We started with the principles that drive our product development process, and found that what we listed was foundational to…

How cities across the country are making affordable housing — and renters — a top priority.

Because Americans continue to migrate to cities — especially on the coasts — housing costs are skyrocketing like never before. Those rising costs affect renters, landlords, and the city councils that must act to find a way to balance a renter’s right to affordable housing and a landlord’s right to earn what the market dictates.

East of the Mississippi River, city councils have enacted measures that would set aside funds to pay for lawyers facing no-cause evictions from landlords.

According to an August 2017 story in The Nation, councils in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City passed legal…

Learn how to lower your monthly expenses while renting

You’ve probably heard the guideline that rent should account for around 30% of your monthly spending. You could possibly go over that 30% figure and devote a little extra cash to housing expenses if your budget allows or if there are significant perks — you can walk to work and don’t have to pay to commute, for example. Spending a significant amount more can strain the rest of your budget, but this happens more than you think.

Many Americans are paying far more than 30%. Analysts at Harvard University found that median renter incomes have dropped, while median housing prices…

Advice from a new landlord on everything from marketing vacancies to handling repairs.

I headed into my first year as a landlord armed with a good lease, good intentions, and a good attitude. So far, things are running smoothly. But in hindsight, I could have refined some processes. Here are four things you should do before renting to your first tenant.

1. Market it pretty

When I posted photos of my rental in my Cozy listing, I was still living in my place, so the photos showed the house with all my furnishings and art. The approached worked! I got lots of applicants right away.

Even if you’ve moved out, or never lived in the place, consider…

How to store everything you need in the place you have

After weeks of searching for the perfect new place, you finally find your dream rental. It’s on the smaller side, with limited storage space, but you decide to go for it because the amenities (stainless steel appliances! pet-friendly! downtown location!) outweigh the negatives. Then moving day comes, and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by piles of stuff you can’t put away.

If you’re lacking storage, don’t worry. There are ways to make everything fit. Here are five storage hacks to help you thrive in your small space.

Purge some stuff

As a New Yorker, 32-year-old Sophie is no stranger to small apartments with…

Learn about everything from making smart real estate investments to becoming a better communicator.

Whether you’re in the “thinking about it” stage or well on your way to renting out a property, learn from the experts. Here are some must-read books — by lawyers, landlords, researchers, financial experts, and more. Spend some time with these titles, and become a knowledgeable, efficient, and profitable landlord.

1. Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property: The Ultimate Property Management Guide for the Do-It-Yourself Landlord

by Michael Boyer

This NOLO guide was written for independent landlords renting out single properties or those with a small number of units (four or fewer). NOLO guides are written by lawyers, who provide practical and legal advice on a variety of issues, such as how to screen tenants; handle…

Set yourself up for financial success while you’re renting.

You found your dream apartment, put in an application, and now your prospective landlord wants to run your credit before approving you as a tenant. Credit is an important part of the rental process and your overall financial well-being. Here’s what you need to know.

What is credit?

In broad terms, your credit history and score tell a potential lender how reliable you are when it comes to paying your bills. In the context of renting, your creditworthiness — or lack thereof — indicates whether your landlord can trust you to pay your rent in full and on time every month. …


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