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We can provide various product fittings and options for handicap bathroom designs in Los Angeles California. It will include handicap toilets which are using right ADA toilet height and grab bars, handicap showers and bathtubs with options for walk-in tubs or walk-in tub & shower combos, handicap shower seats, ADA sink design. It also includes additional customizable features to increase therapeutic comfort and ease-of-use. You may contact our experts today to obtain a free estimate or to get the data about our products and services in Los Angeles CA.

How do you plan a bathroom for easy access

The bathroom is a location in your house that poses the…

You can recover the self-confidence of people who are coping with mobility challenges if you can give them the freedom to bath with tiny support. the top manufacturers offer high quality and cost effective solutions for roll-in showers in Los Angeles California that are ADA compliant. They can also give advance safety features to make your bath time fun.

We’re offering product and installation services for ADA roll-in showers for the top brands in the market at this time, backed by a reliable warranty. We always buy in bulk so it allows us to pass the savings to our customers…

Cozy Tubs offers service in the Los Angeles area for a large variety of accessible bathing products. We specialize in walk-in tubs, walk-in showers, roll-in showers and accessible bathroom design and installations.

Find a large variety of products from well-known and reliable brands like Kohler, Sterling, and Ella for much less than anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Because of our large purchasing power, we simply pass the savings down to our customers, which means you get a higher quality product for a fraction of the retail cost. Compare our products and see the difference.

Our installation team is fast…

If you will use our walk-in tub shower combination units in Los Angeles CA, you can opt to bath in a roomy walk-in tub along with the safety and comfort features that you need and take a warm, relaxing shower.

With this new shower combination unit, you can have your walk-in tub with no need to say goodbye to having a shower in your bathroom.

You may pick from a wide range of walk-in tub shower combos in Los Angeles California that provide safety features and amenities such as heated reclined seating, easy-to-operate control panel for hydrotherapy and more.


If you wish to look for a walk-in showering system, we’re just a call away. We have been the shop to consider if you’d like custom bath and showering systems and we’ve been a popular choice for more than 12 years. Our designs are elegant and spacious and it could be equipped with popular features that will provide you with a calming spa-like experience every time you hit the shower.

You could check out our extensive list of walk-in showers in Los Angeles CA from the best brands like Ella, Sterling and Dreamline and they come in various sizes that…

Cozy Tubs is your ideal destination if you’d like to ensure that getting a walk-in tub will be quick and stress-free. We provide different items from top rated brands like Kohler, Hydro Systems and Whirlpool.

We have a large selection of walk-in tubs in Los Angeles California, which combines the safety features and the best spa features available today. If you want a safe and revitalizing bathing experience that won’t break your budget, this is your best option.

Since we purchase in bulk, and pass the savings down to our consumers, we could offer better prices for walk-in tubs and…

Cozy Tubs is a premier product and service provider of walk-in bathtubs and they give the best walk-in tubs in the market for an inexpensive price. We are purchasing by bulk so we usually pass the savings to our customers and offer the cheapest pricing possible.

Instead of accepting a less expensive product from a manufacturer that you do not know, you can now have your own walk-in tubs in Los Angeles CA and obtain bathing products from the brands that you know such as Koehler, Whirlpool, Homeward Bath and more.

Installation done right the first time!

The installation is convenient and fast and it will…

Most people think that walk in tubs in Punta Gorda, FL are just designed for seniors or disabled people. These tubs are actually designed for them to be certain that they could still enjoy bathing in a tub in spite of their age or impairment.

Nonetheless, as years passed by, the advantages of using these tubs became more obvious as well. Due to the benefits that it may offer, many folks favor this kind of tub than the conventional model.

There is no need to think again because by considering a walk in bathtub, you will get access to different…

Cozy Tubs

Cozy Tubs offers bath and shower systems for people with mobility challenges. #Walkintubs #walkinshowers. Established in 2005, family owned and operated.

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