Pretty naive statement — although I agree with the basic sentiments, we should stop terrorism and…
Charlie Palanzo

Okay.. thanks for the thoughtful responses. Please note, I am NOT against better gun regulation — I am for it. I am also for maintaining privacy. Just pointing out that there are no “easy” answers.

— I’m sure gun deaths in heavily regulated countries are down. That’s not my point. My point is that you have two individuals intent on killing people and breaking the law so.. obtaining illegal guns would not be an issue for them and they would not consider breaking the law to be any sort of barrier.

— I’m not suggesting that Apple provide anything that can “escape” into the wild. I am suggesting that Apple and other companies should consider legitimate requests for assistance — to solve very specific problems. How a company decides what countries and whose requests are legitimate are open for debate, but in this very specific instance there is a decent (in my opinion) potential that information found on this phone may prevent other atrocities. There is no easy answer.

— I’m not suggesting that Apple provide “a hackable iOS firmware” to solve this problem. Duh. Apple can — and should — provide an “un-hackable” version tied to this phone for use in this case. They should not provide source code — that would be idiotic. Apple knows how to do this — obviously— if they didn’t the “government” could just buy another iPhone, “hack” the source code and figure out the work-around themselves.

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