Bands To Watch: ADOY, Hollins, The Braces, & Attention24

While the website hosts all of our written content along with a SoundCloud playlist, YouTube playlist, and a selection of Bandcamp releases, Korean Indie’s social media is usually the place to get updates for videos. Every day I go through YouTube and look for live or official videos from bands.

For most of these, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of them. This past week, I’ve been watching videos from a group of bands that I think people should keep an eye on. I don’t know information about all of them, but you should follow them where you can.


ADOY is comprised of an interesting set of musicians. Juhwan, formerly of Eastern Sidekick, Zee, from From The Airport, Zozo, from Watersports, and Dayoung, who “recently became the best electronic act at the Korean Music Awards.” (I think this means Trampauline) With the pedigree of musicians, it’s not surprising that the music is excellent. ADOY have two singles out now that you should definitely pick up.

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Hollins showed up through a YouTube account I follow. This account records a lot of live shows and I’ve been able to discover a lot of bands this way. The only release I found was an EP from 2014 so I’m glad the band is performing and hopefully there will be something new soon.

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The Braces

Another find from YouTube, I’m not sure if their description on the Facebook page follows what I heard in the video, “Shoegazing, Oriental dream, Lo-fi.” Regardless, I got into their music and I think more people will like them.

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There’s a label called Hukez that I found a couple months back though a video for Drive Shower. It was through that connection that I found Attention24. The video for their single “In Stereotype” released on September 12 and that’s when I started listening to the band. They do have singles and an EP from 2013–14, but haven’t released anything since this single. But really, if you like pop punk, give Attention24 a try.

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