The end of a cycle. The beginning of a new one.

Leading the team that made the Ubuntu Phone a reality has been a breathtaking experience. One that gave me the privilege and joy to work with engineering, design, marketing, product and bus dev rockstars. One packed with the thrill of disrupting the jurassic mental model of the mobile industry, on a daily basis. I’m so proud of what we’ve built — and I’ve captured a few final thoughts on why, here.

Personally, such an amazing ride could only be overtaken by something of planet saving proportions. Which is precisely the ambition of my next adventure — a Fitbit, of sorts, for the planet. More on this later, as I navigate the wondrous waters of pre-seed funding.

Finally, thank you. Thanks to the extended team, we’ve done something incredible, against so many odds. Thanks to the Ubuntu community and the Ubuntu Phone Insiders — you’ve inspired me in so many ways. And thank you to Jane and Mark for supporting my unconventional ways throughout this fantastic journey.