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Knowing Your Neighbors

“I sent you a friend request,” my…

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I spent four years as a manager, at one point managing up to 12 people and 7 products. While I learned an amazing amount about the business side of things — putting together contracts, wrangling impossible schedules, and speaking the language of other teams, to name a few — these are the top two life lessons I learned from becoming a manager.

Illustrations by Jerilyn Guerrero

My first week at SurveyMonkey, most of our lunchtime conversations revolved around colors. Four colors, to be exact: blue, green, gold, and orange.

It turns out this wasn’t a quirky part of working with a creative team. I work on the Web Marketing team, as a Product Manager who focuses on building and optimizing our web content. Our Brand Experience department, dedicated to the SurveyMonkey brand, had taken the True Colors personality test just before I joined. The gist of the personality test is this: Each color corresponds to certain traits. We each have of these traits, but your…

Christine Pasetes

Product Manager at SurveyMonkey. Aficionado of the Oxford comma, UX writing, foreign languages, and bringing amazing ideas to life. |

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