Wilcity — Listing Directory WordPress Theme

Before updating, please make sure that:

How to update to Wilcity

  1. Log into your admin area
  2. Click on Envato Market => Update Wilcity theme
  3. Click on Plugins -> Deactivate and Delete Wilcity Shortcodes, Wilcity Widgets, Wiloke Listing Tools, Wilcity Mobile App.
  4. Click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install Wiloke Listing Tools, Wilcity Shortcodes, Wilcity Widgets, Wilcity Mobile App and then re-activate them.
  5. If you are using King Composer page builder, please click on Plugins -> Deactivate and Delete this plugin. Next, click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install it
  6. If you are using WP Bakery Pagebuilder, please click on Plugins -> Deactivate and Delete Wilcity WP Bakery Pagebuilder plugin. Next, click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install it
  7. If you are using Elementor Page Builder, please click on Plugins -> Deactivate and Delete Wilcity ELementor Addon plugin. Next, click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install it

Customize Listing Location, Listing Category, Listing Tag page (Taxonomy page)

From Wilcity, you can now customize Taxonomy page yourself. And it’s like Homepage, We will take advantage of Page Builder to build the Taxonomy page looks cooler, there are no limited elements in this page, you can use any element you want. We wrote a tutorial that shows you step by step to do that, please read Customizing Listing Location, Listing Category page

Demo: https://wilcity.com/listing-location/united-states/

Added Import Export Wiloke Listing Tool Settings

As you know, Wilcity allows Customers can add new Directory Type to their site: Wiloke Tools -> Add New Directory Type. From, We added Import Export Wiloke Listing Tool feature, and you can use this feature to export settings of an existing Listing Type and then Import it to new directory type.

Import / Export Settings

Added New Schema Markup Items

We added the following items to Schema Markup (Wiloke Tools -> [Your Directory Type] Settings -> Schema Markup):


You can follow the structure below to set up Review Schema

or go to Wiloke Tools -> Listing Settings -> Shema Settings -> Click Reset to import the demo setting.

This is my test with Structured Data Testing Tool

Added Default Plan For Free Directory Type Claim

In Wilcity, We added a new field called Default Plan For Free [Directory Type] Claim to each Directory Type, please click on Wiloke Submission -> Setting up it.

Please read How to Set up Claim Listing in Wilcity? to know how this feature works.

Added Stripe Invoice Payment Failed Message

When a Stripe Invoice is failed, Wilcity will send to 2 emails: one to administrator and one to listing author. To customize this mail content, please click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Email Settings

Added Resend Confirmation code button

Added Masonry Term Boxes Shortcode

This shortcode is available on the 3-page builders.

Added More Styles To Grid Shortcodes

We added 2 styles to Grid Shortcodes. We also added Toggle Grid Border, and Toggle View More button to this shortcode as well.

The same Listing Grid Layout shortcode, You can now change the default style of Search Without Map page and Map page:

Added Exclude Plan From Paid Claim feature to Listing Plan

If this box is checked, the plan won’t show up on Paid Claim package.

Added new items to Listing Card

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixes an issue with Order By category/location on Search Form and Hero Search Form. Note that Search Form / Hero Search Form is using cache browser, so after changing this setting, please refresh your browser 2 times to re-update the cache.
  2. Fixes an issue with confirmation status did not update to Yes status after resetting the password (When resetting password, Wilcity will send a confirmation link to customer’s mail. If he/she can click on this link, which means he /she is owner of this email)
  3. Fixes an issue where query could cause Expired Event show up on the Events page
  4. Fixes an issue where Promotion Slider that could cause this feature Auto Play Promotion Slider stop.
  5. Fixes an issue that could cause Promotion won’t show up on sidebar. We recommend you should go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Re-drag Promotion Widgets to Sidebar places
  6. Fixes an issue where Listing Card that could cause Tag auto display
  7. Fixes an issue the could cause Epic News plugin and Wilcity conflict

If you have any question, feel free open a ticket on https://wilcity.ticksy.com/tickets/

Checkout Wilcity Theme: http://landing.wilcity.com