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Nguyen DTTN
Apr 12 · 5 min read

AdMob, MapBox, WooCommerce Subscription have been integrated

Before updating, please make sure that:

How to update to Wilcity

I. Updating with Wilcity Service

  1. Installing Wilcity Service (Some customers installed Wilcity Service before, please re-install it)
  2. Log into your website address
  3. Click on Wilcity Service -> Update Wilcity theme and Wilcity Plugins in the following order (You can skip 6 if you won’t use WP Bakery plugin. Do the same with 7 if you won’t use Elementor plugin)

II. Updating with Evanto Market plugin

  1. Make sure that you setup Evanto Market plugin
  2. Log into your site
  3. Click on Evanto Market -> Update Wilcity Theme
  4. Click on Plugins -> Deactivate Wiloke Listing Tools, Wilcity Shortcodes, Wilcity Paid Claim, Wilcity Mobile App, Wilcity Elementor Addon(If you are using Elementor plugin), Wilcity WpBakery Addon (If you are using WpBakery page builder plugin)-> Then delete it
  5. Click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install these plugins

III. Updating manually

Please read and follow => III. Manual Update

What’s new in Wilcity Theme

1. Added new options for Listing Sidebar Promotion

Please watch to know to setup this feature.

Warning: Since, Promotion ID is required with listing_sidebar position. However, if you already added this position to your Promotion before, please do not delete. This setting won’t show up on Promotion Popup anymore, but customers who purchased it still can use this feature.

2. Mapbox feature is now available.

You can now use Mapbox in the theme. The main reason we integrated Mapbox because of it’s cheaper than Google Map.

Please read to know how to setup Mapbox in your site

3. Purchasing Subscription Plan through WoCommerce Subscription

As the default, Wilcity supports 3 payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer. Direct Bank Transfer means you will do everything manually. Stripe, PayPal are limited by some countries. So, WooCommerce Subscription is best choice to resolve this issue (Because of WooCommerce supports lots of payment gateways)

To setup WooCommerce Subscription to your site, please read and follow

4. Listing Type Relationship is now available

From the beginning, Wilcity supports “Showing up Events on a Listing Type”, but We could not do the same thing between 2 Listing Types. Lots of customers told us they want to use this feature, this is reason why We added it to

Please watch to know how to setup this feature to your site

5. Added Add Custom Button block to Add Listing page

Before, to add a Custom Button to Single Listing page, Customer will have to go to his/her listing -> Click on Settings Icon -> General

But they can add it directly on Add Listing page now

6. Professional Invoice Style

You can customize Invoice yourself by clicking on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Invoice Settings

7. Vary Default Featured Images depending on category

8. Hide Contact Info on Un-Claim Listing

What’s new in Wilcity App

1. AdMob feature (WilcityApp)

Now, you can earn money from your App with Google AdMob. Please read to know how to set up it.

2. Toggle Google Map on Listing screen

To build your App, please go to -> Download -> Wilcity. Next, extract wilcity-package.zip, you will see wilcity-app.zip file. Please read and follow -> Wilcity App to build App yourself.

You can also hire us on

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixes an issue with Add Event Date
  2. Fixes Become an author button still show up even this feature is disabled under Wiloke Submission
  3. Fixes an issue that prevented to send Message to Listing Author Email
  4. Fixes an issue that caused Free Plan still show up Disabled Fields even It should not shown on Add Listing page is enabled (Appearance -> Theme options -> AddListing General Settings)
  5. Fixes an issue that caused Stripe Invoice duplicate sends duplicate

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