Wilcity — Converted WooCommerce and Dokan to Wilcity App — is now available

Check it out: https://themeforest.net/item/wilcity-directory-listing-wordpress-theme/22066447

Before updating, please make sure that:

  • If you translated Wilcity, Wilcity Plugins with Loco translate, make sure that you followed Wilcity Translation tutorial. Otherwise, please backup all your translations.

How to update to Wilcity

I. Updating with Wilcity Service

  1. Log into your website address
  2. Click on Wilcity Service -> Update Wilcity theme and Wilcity Plugins in the following order (You can skip 6 if you won’t use WP Bakery plugin. Do the same with 5 if you won’t use Elementor plugin)

Warning: To reduce Wilcity file size, We removed all plugins under Wilcity folder. If you still not install a Wilcity Plugin, you can download it from https://themeforest.net/downloads => Extract wilcity-package.zip => Extract wilcity.zip => Go to plugins folder.

II. Updating with Evanto Market plugin

  1. Log into your site
  2. Click on Evanto Market -> Update Wilcity Theme
  3. Click on Plugins -> Deactivate Wiloke Listing Tools, Wilcity Shortcodes, Wilcity Mobile App, Wilcity Elementor Addon(If you are using Elementor plugin), Wilcity WpBakery Addon (If you are using WpBakery page builder plugin)-> Then delete it
  4. Click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install these plugins

III. Updating manually

Warning: If your Hero Search disappears after updating, please read and follow https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/hero-search-form-disappears-after-updating-to-new-version-of-wilcity/

What’s new in Wilcity Theme

1. Added Listings Tabs shortcode

2. Code Optimization

3. Resolved all bugs that customers reported on the forum

What’s new in Wilcity Theme 2.0?

1. Added Banners to App

To setup this feature, please read and follow https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/adding-banners-to-wilcity-app/

2. Added ViewMore to Listing Grid shortcode

3. Added Listing Blocks shortcode

4. Converted WooCommerce to Wilcity App

5. Added Wishlist feature to Wilcity App

6. Converted Dokan to Wilcity App.

If you have any issue after updating, feel free open a ticket on http://support.ticksy.com, We are willing to help you.

What major features will be added the next update?

  1. Improving Billing Dashboard UX
  2. Customers can CANCEL their subscription on the Billing Dashboard
  3. Customer can use multiple subscription plans at the same time

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