Wilcity Listing Directory -Restaurant Menu Style — is now available

Nguyen DTTN
5 min readMay 30, 2019


Before updating, please make sure that:

  • Backup everything before updating
  • If you translated Wilcity, Wilcity Plugins with Loco translate, make sure that you followed Wilcity Translation tutorial. Otherwise, please backup all your translations.

How to update to Wilcity

I. Updating with Wilcity Service

  1. Make sure that Wilcity Service is installed https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/how-to-auto-update-wilcity-wordpress-theme/ (Some customers installed Wilcity Service before, please re-install it)
  2. Log into your website address
  3. Click on Wilcity Service -> Update Wilcity theme and Wilcity Plugins in the following order (You can skip 6 if you won’t use WP Bakery plugin. Do the same with 7 if you won’t use Elementor plugin)

II. Updating with Evanto Market plugin

  1. Make sure that you setup Evanto Market plugin https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/how-to-auto-update-wilcity-wordpress-theme/
  2. Log into your site
  3. Click on Evanto Market -> Update Wilcity Theme
  4. Click on Plugins -> Deactivate Wiloke Listing Tools, Wilcity Shortcodes, Wilcity Mobile App, Wilcity Elementor Addon(If you are using Elementor plugin), Wilcity WpBakery Addon (If you are using WpBakery page builder plugin)-> Then delete it
  5. Click on Appearance -> Install Plugins -> Re-install these plugins

III. Updating manually

Please read and follow https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/how-to-auto-update-wilcity-wordpress-theme/ => III. Manual Update

What’s new in Wilcity Theme

1. Added Restaurant Menu Style

To setup this feature, please read and follow Configuring Restaurant Menu in Wilcity

Restaurant Listings on Home page
Restaurant Menus on Single Listing page

2. Code Optimization

In Wilcity, We applied a new technology called Code Splitting, it helps to load JS file faster.

We also added LazyLoad Image feature in this version. To enable this feature, please click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> General Settings -> Toggle lazyload.

We recommend reading Tips for speeding up your website to speed up your site.

3. Calculating distance between a Listing and your position

Since version, when searching by Geocode, Wilcity will automatically calculate the distance between your currently position and listing. To change distance unit, please click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Directory Type Setting -> Unit.


We recommend using https://letsencrypt.org/ service, it’s free.

4. Added wide layout to Search page

To setup Search page Wide layout, please read and follow https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/how-to-create-search-page-in-wilcity/

5. Added Rectangle Term Boxes shortcode

To setup this feature, please click on Pages -> Your Front-page -> Click on your Page builder you are using -> Search for Rectangle Term Boxes

What’s new in Wilcity App


Since Wilcity, We will use configureApp.json file instead of configureApp.js file

Since Wilcity, We will use SDK 32.0.0 instead of SDK 30.0.0. To upgrade SDK version, please open app.json -> Looking for sdkVersion

1. Facebook Login on Wilcity App

Now, you can use Facebook Login on Wilcity App. To setup this feature, please read and follow Setting up Facebook login in Wilcity

2. Show up Reviews on App

To show up Reviews on your App, please click on Pages -> Your App page -> Insert App Reviews shortcode to App page and then click Update button

3. Added Listing Type Boxes to App

You can now show up your Directory Types on the App like the following screenshot:

To setup this feature, please click on Pages -> Your App page -> Insert Listing Type Boxes to the page and click Update button

4. Calculating distance between a Listing and your position

The same what we did on the Wilcity Web version, when someone clicks on Near By me button, Wilcity App will calculate distance between currently customer location and listing

5. Customize Modern Term Box Gradient

Since, You can now customize App Modern Term box gradient like you did on the Web version. To do that, please click on Listing Locations / Listing Categories -> Your Location / Category -> Looking for Gradient settings

6. Added Login, Register Screen

To set up this screen, please read and follow https://documentation.wilcity.com/knowledgebase/setting-up-login-register-screen/

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixes an issue that caused Single Gallery not showing up all images
  2. Fixes an issue that could cause Stripe to send twice Invoice email
  3. Addresses an issue that prevented Promotion to show up on Listing Category / Location sidebar
  4. Resolves an issue that could cause Business Hour not showing up correctly on Single Listing app
  5. Fixes an issue that prevented “Back” button of Android device to work correctly

Checkout Wilcity: https://themeforest.net/item/wilcity-directory-listing-wordpress-theme/22066447