“Shukran, habibi”

Today I saw Jordan (the person) for the first time since we came back from Jordan (the country)! I’ve missed him so much. That’s definitely been the hardest thing — and the weirdest thing. Coming back from Jordan, and parting ways. To go from seeing the same five people every day for a week to not seeing them at all was insane — is insane — and sad.

Threshold experiences — that’s what Jordan called them. He listed a few (I forget them), but going on a missions trips was one. Going on a missions is a threshold experience, meaning you form a unique bond with the people around you during this time.

My quad-mate Brian treated me to my first Garbanzo experience, tonight. Garbanzo is a Mediterranean restaurant here on campus which serves pita, falafel, hummus, etc. It was surprisingly good! Though not as good as Jordanian street food, it served its purpose.

I came back to my quad and put on half a pot of chia which I shared with my quad-mate Brian (a different one), and my roommate Isaac.

Overall, today was great. It was a great reminder of Jordan, and the people there.

Pray for them.

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