Announcing partnership with TrueBlocks: Developing the East Asian Market

CPChain is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with TrueBlocks, a South Korea-based accelerator that aims to foster rapid project growth and a market development team focused on the promotion of blockchain technology within the Korean community.

South Korea is a major player in the global cryptocurrency market and is certainly the largest in East Asia. TrueBlocks is the perfect partner to assist CPChain with increasing focus on the East Asian market through their media support and community development services.

What is TrueBlocks?

TrueBlocks is strong proponent of blockchain technology and strives for increased adoption of cryptocurrencies and services on the blockchain. They provide support for worthwhile projects by making the right connections with potential strategic and commercial partners in South Korea. In addition, TrueBlocks facilitates community expansion, helps develop exchange relationships, connects project teams with local events, and advises on marketing strategies. TrueBlocks also brings together and leads some of the largest social media channels in East Asia.

CPChain Expanding Operations

The partnership is an effort on behalf of CPChain to develop stronger relationships, community expansion, and market growth in East Asia and other Asian countries. CPChain has started preparations in order to build a strong foothold in South Korea and beyond, our partnership with TrueBlocks is merely the beginning. CPChain will also be attending the Chainers 2018 conference in Seoul, Korea and setting up the Korean community operations team. We are confident that this expansion will allow us to forge the proper alliances within the Asian market.

About CPChain

CPChain is an innovative distributed infrastructure for next generation IoT. We are developing a fundamental data platform for IoT systems in combination with distributed storage, encryption computation, and blockchain technologies. CPChain will provide a solution for the entire data process including data acquisition, storage, sharing, and application.

CPChain is a promising solution to a series of challenges of current “chimney architecture” of IoT systems. The solution will reduce connectivity costs of devices, protect data privacy, and maximize the value of IoT data.

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