CPChain Announces Token Buyback Program

"We are pleased that CPChain’s strong balance sheet and cash flow enable us to return value to our investors through our future RNode Plan and token repurchases, while at the same time to bring back the true and fair value of our project. We believe that the company's tokens are an attractive investment opportunity and repurchasing tokens is an important part of our token allocation strategy."
-Dr. Long Cheng Nian, CEO, CPChain 

Shanghai, August 29, 2018 
CPChain is pleased to announce that over the following 12 months, we will buyback up to 50 million CPC tokens from major exchanges, accounting for 13 percent of the total tokens issued. The buyback program will allow the CPC token to retain value by being removed from current market conditions. The program also demonstrates the company’s commitment to increase value for CPC token holders.

The repurchase of CPC will be used exclusively for community operations and construction, under the vision of safeguarding community interests as well as optimizing the CPChain ecosystem. CPChain Co-Founder and COO, Shi stressed: “the repurchase of CPC tokens will not be burned, but will be locked up for one year, becoming an important component of the CPC economic model. Planned buy-backs exceed 13 percent of the total circulation supply.”

We are also going to announce CPChain RNode Ecosystem Structure on August 31st, 2018. Please stay tuned for further RNode details on the landing date!

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