CPChain Community Update 4.0

Dear CPChain Community,
We are approaching the end of May and it is time to recap on the activities and progress CPChain has made in the past month.  There has been a lot of changes in both our community and official team since the last Community Update. We believe these changes have been positive and will continue on working towards more good news for our community.
Unlike the previous updates, we will be posting our Community Update directly on Medium so that our community can read it easily. We still have prepared the PDF version and if you’d like to download the latest CU, please feel free to contact us at the CPChain Official E-mail (info@cpchain.io).
Wayne Tian
Senior Oversea Operations and PR Manager
CPChain Team

Research and Development (R&D)

R&D is the soul of a good project and CPChain is lucky to have a few capable engineers dedicating themselves to developing our IoT-Blockchain Platform. In the past month we have open sourced the CPChain pre-alpha version. Our R&D team has made progress in the following aspects:

— Release of CPChain Platform Pre-Alpha Version

In the past month (May), one of the biggest announcements from the CPChain R&D team is the release of the Pre-Alpha version of the CPChain Platform. The code has been released as open source and we have shown a prototype of our wallet interface.

— Proxy

We have completed research to support a multi-proxy network which includes:
 1. Support master/slave network model, all slaves register themselves to a centralized tracker.
 2. Support DHT network model, a proxy instance joins the network as a DHT node.
 3. Record <proxy’s eth_addr, (ip, port)> pair both in tracker and DHT network.
 4. Ask tracker to get the (ip, port) for the given proxy’s eth_addr, or randomly pick a proxy
 5. If tracker was taken offline, get the (ip, port) for the given proxy’s eth_addr by querying the DHT network.

— Market

1. Team has developed 20+ Market API support wallet functions
 2. Team has finished design to support advanced query product from ElasticSearch
 3. Team has completed development to modify CI environment for Development

— Chain

1. Wrote a script to update market database with eventLogs in chain.
 2. Updated contracts to standard json input/output format.

— Wallet

1. Team is designing supporting feature of multiple accounts (buyers and sellers) logging in when using wallet.

2. Team has completed adding a social media function to the wallet client.

3. Team is customizing Tabwidget for switching between different tabs.

4. Team is working on integration of ui and market api.

5. Team is working on chain asynchronous communication.

6. Team is working on chain transaction Queuing design.

7. Team is working on chain transaction monitoring design.

— Wallet User Interface

R&D team has started developing an implementation of our User Interface (UI) in the past month which includes: 
 1. Customizing the layouts of five (5) functional tabs including Cloud Tab and Selling Tab. 
 2. Setting the stylesheets of more than 10 kinds of widgets and making the UI more user-friendly.
 3. Setting up several interfaces between the Market and UI, providing a solid foundation for further development.


R&D will determine how far a project can go while marketing will determine how high a project can reach. While putting most of our emphasis on R&D, CPChain has never forgotten how vital marketing is to our future success. In the past month, we’ve made several developments as well as fulfilling promises we had made in CU 3.0.

— Conceptual Video

We are excited to reveal the CPChain conceptual video. This is a brief introduction to CPChain’s ecosystem for the IoT and Blockchain industry. The video will also be shared on our updated website.

— Partnerships

Hunan Zhichao. Dr. Long Chengnian, CEO of CPChain, visited the Hunan Provincial Health Industry Park and the National Super-Computer Center (Changsha Branch) on 21 April. Dr. Long signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dr. Weihong, founder and chairman of Zhichao Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

Zhichao is a star enterprise of the Hunan Provincial Health Industry Park. It focuses on using AI to create an ecological platform system for CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) with medical big data. Zhichao Scientists contribute to creating an innovative AI health care industry ecosystem that empowers various health care organizations, they also plan to create a world leading economy & industry system that compound of smart hospital, medical big data, AI, and super-computing.

TIOTA. In May, CPChain officially joined the Trusted IOT Alliance (TIOTA).

Trusted IOT Alliance (TIOTA) is an organization dedicated to developing, powering, and supporting the evolution of an IoT ecosystem. TIOTA aims to power the security of IoT products connected through the blockchain. The founding members include Qtum, VeChain, IOTA, and many more. TIOTA enterprise members include Bosch, Cisco, UBS, BNY Mellon, and more.

CPChain is pleased to be part of the Alliance and we are looking forward to actively contributing and collaborating with TIOTA members to develop the IOT and Blockchain industry. The CPChain logo will be presented on the official TIOTA website soon.

— Exchanges

CPChain always insists on the idea of “Technology first”. We have expressed many times both at public and private occasions that when the technology is ready, we will step onto bigger stages.

And now it’s the time!

After careful assessment of the current R&D and marketing developments for CPChain, the team believes it is the right time to launch our token on further exchanges. We have applied to and are currently in active discussion with several exchanges.
Besides, we have a productive community which we are thankful for and if you have any suggestions for exchanges please feel free to contact us through e-mail (info@cpchain.io) with your online ID and potential approaches to get listed on exchanges. We will get back to you for further discussions.

— Community

In the past month the CPChain community has been growing. The CPChain Telegram Group has been stabilized at around 8,300 members. With more community events and continued progress in R&D and marketing, we are expecting improved growth in our Telegram.

Also, we have an Official CPChain Discord Group and have also established a brand new Official CPChain Reddit. Our Discord group currently has over 600 active users and our Official Reddit has 772 followers. We conducted our very first session of the CPChain AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, please refer to our previous Medium post for detailed content of the AMA session.

The Official CPChain Twitter has experienced an increase in follower count to 6,567 followers due to an increase in activity in the past month. Furthermore, the CPChain Official YouTube Channel has been set up and all official videos will be uploaded there going forward.

The Official CPChain Website redesign is in progress and the brand-new version will be presented on June 15, 2018 at 12 PM (UTC +8). The winner of our Logo Design Competition will be presented on our redesigned website simultaneously.

— Media Outreach —

We are pleased to discuss with social media influencers about CPChain. Recently, YouTubers Blockchain Brad and Chico Crypto have released informative technical videos about CPChain. It is exciting to have such enthusiastic influencers as a part of our community.

  1. Blockchain Brad, Youtuber, Self-Media

2. Chico Crypto, Youtuber, Self-Media

— Community Events

CPChain Essay Contest. CPChain Essay Contest has closed its submission channel. This time we have received over 15 essays from our community, some of which we think have shown great quality and creativity. Our judge panel is calculating the final score and the official winners’ announcement will be on May 30, 2018.

CPChain Logo Design Contest. CPChain Logo Design Contest is ongoing in full swing, we have received several great designs and are surprised by the amazing thoughts revealed through the designs. The due date for logo submissions is on June 8, 2018. Logo designs can be submitted onto the Logo Design Submission Site.

Team Update

In the past month, the CPChain official team has several great new members joining in. Let’s take a look!


— Mr. Shi Qingwei’s Trip to Consensus 2018.

Mr. Shi Qingwei, Co-Founder, attended Consensus 2018 in New York City. Shi met with a bunch of friends and colleagues during his time in NYC. This includes Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain; Bill Kline, CEO of TokenMagic; Rusev Rostik, Co-Founder of Crypto Coin Trader; and some friends from the VC industry as well as some KOLs. The journey was considered as “fruitful”, according to Shi.

Consensus 2018

Dr. Long’ s New Role in IEEE

Dr. Long has been invited to serve as an editor of IEEE editorial board with regard to his great contribution in the current IoT industry.

Dr. Long’s Speech at Blockchain Business Bootcamp

Dr. Long was invited to be a special lecturer at the Blockchain Business Bootcamp hosted by Shared Finance, one of the most influential blockchain media companies in China. He discussed IoT, Blockchain, and introduced CPChain to the audience. The audience includes members of related industries such as smart auto and smart insurance. They showed great interests in CPChain and had great discussions afterwards with Dr. Long.

— Partnership Negotiation with Anhui Sanlian

CPChain is pleased to announce its ongoing partnership negotiation with Anhui Sanlian has reached a new height.

On May 3, 2018, Dr. Long Chengnian (CEO) and Mr. Shi Qingwei (CMO) visited Anhui Sanlian Transportation Applied Technology Co., LTD. They had an in-depth discussion with Mr. Wang Jingbo (General Manager), the R&D team, and other department leaders. The discussion was in regards to the current pain points of the transportation industry and the applications of blockchain technology in intelligent driving training.

Our community will be the first to know if we have reached an official agreement with Sanlian Group.

— Dr. Long’s Upcoming Presence at the 2nd Blockchain Financial Summit Forum

Dr. Long (CEO) and Mr. Shi Qingwei (CMO) will be attending the forum. Dr. Long will be a keynote speaker and his speech will address the topic of IoT Meets Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges. He will also discuss the application of blockchain technology and the latest developments at home and abroad.

— Dr. Zhao Bin’s Trip to China International Big Data Industry Expo

On May 26, 2018 Dr. Zhao Bin, Co-Founder, attended the 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo. He had great talks with colleagues in the blockchain industry and shared the story of CPChain on-site with other attendees.

— Upcoming Meet Up in Korea

CPChain is going to attend The Chainers 2018 Conference in Seoul, Korea on July 1st and 2nd. We will also host the very first CPChain overseas meet up by then. Please follow our social media channels for more detailed information.

Above is the Community Update 4.0 for CPChain. Please follow our social media for community announcements. Announcements for exchanges, partnerships, events, and community updates will be shared on our social media.

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