CPChain Community Update 6.0

R&D, Marketing, Partnerships, Community, and News

Dear CPChain Community,
Time flies, and we are in the middle of September now. Since the last community update, CPChain has expanded the team and made strides in both marketing and project development. The CPChain team continues to be enthusiastic and is working hard on developing the core technology of CPChain. 
Meanwhile, our strong community has solid faith in us and continues to support CPChain. Thank you all for your great support. Following is the CPChain Community Update 6.0. 
Wayne Tian
Overseas Operations Director

Research and Development

R&D is the soul of a good project and CPChain is lucky to have capable engineers dedicating themselves to developing our IoT-Blockchain Platform. In the past month we have expanded our team and open sourced the CPChain pre-alpha version. Our R&D team has made progress in the following aspects:

PDash Platform

  1. Completed support for data transaction to realize the real time sharing for IoT data. Kafka is selected for stream data publish/subscription container so that users can publish and subscribe to stream data with restful/websocket port.
  2. Improved consensus testnode
  3. Started to design cross chain transaction and data sharing
  4. Continued conducting the IPFS and authorization based patent for private data transactions and data sharing on main chain.
  5. Initially completed UI reconstruction. Realized separation of display style and data and greatly improved maintainability and scalability of UI code.

Open Transfer Protocol

We have completed the development of the Open Transfer Protocol (OTP) framework. The protocol will support PDash to seamlessly connect to external cloud storage and allow third-party interfaces to cloud storage providers to access the PDash platform.

DPoR Consensus

On August 31st, we officially released the RNode ecosystem structure, which adopted the DPoR consensus protocol independently developed by the Distributed Intelligent Systems Laboratory of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Following are several details of the system process:

  1. The basic implementation framework of the DPoR consensus protocol is built, and the smart contract for RNode election is under deployment. The candidate can apply for the election by initiating the contract.
  2. The Reputation Value (RV) assessment model has been initially conducted, which includes the five-layer methodology and the real-time update of RV.
  3. Tested the implementation of Lightweight Byzantine Fault Tolerance (LBFT). The simulation included: 
    a) Leader adds blocks 
    b) Committee collecting signatures
    c) Broadcast mode
  4. The private sharing contract between the nodes of the committee and the overlay network based on this are being realized, thereby realizing a safe and efficient signature transfer mechanism and improving the efficiency of the block.


CPChain Auto Industry Use Cases

We released a video about CPChain’s application in the automotive industry. The animation illustrates several automotive applications and explains how CPChain is driving innovation in the automotive industry. Through the decentralized data sharing platform provided by CPChain, we can effectively coordinate owners with the interests between car manufacturers and car service providers. The CPChain solution effectively reduces problems in the data flow process and improves the efficiency of the entire mobile service ecosystem.

CPChain Auto Industry Use Cases

Media Outreach

The Business Journals

On September 4th, The Business Journals, a well-respected business news website, published a report on CPChain with the topic “Blockchain offers opportunities in transportation, insurance, law, other industries.” The application scenarios and values of CPChain were introduced in detail within the report.

CDO Trends

On August 31st, Reporter Winston Thomas published an article entitled “A Different Future Awaits with Blockchain” in the well-known commercial media CDO Trends. The article introduces the basic structure of the CPChain project and gave it a positive evaluation.

Chinese Vertical Media Reports

Shared Finance, Yangtuo Blockchain, Odaily, Ihuoqiu, Bishijie, Chainnews, Pencil Blockchain and some well-known China-based key opinion leaders (KOLs) have made a series of reports for CPChain, including news about RNode infrastructure and interviews with Dr. Long.

Yangtuo Blockchain’s Interview

On September 11th, Yangtuo Blockchain invited Dr. Long to attend an online interview. Over five hundred audience members listened to Dr. Long’s on-air introduction of CPChain.

Vincent Briatore: CPChain Review



On July 31st, CPChain officially became a senior corporate member of IEEE-SA. IEEE is one of the world’s largest professional technology associations with more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries. In the field of electrical and electronic engineering, computer and control technology, IEEE published nearly 30% of the total literature in the world.

In the future, CPChain will seek more development possibilities through the IEEE, deepen communication and cooperation with other enterprise members in the fields of smart transportation and Internet of Things, and promote the further application of blockchain technology in the industry.

National Driving Safety Research Center

On August 2nd, CPChain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Chenglian Transportation Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anhui Sanlian Transportation Application Technology Co., Ltd.) and the National Vehicle Driving Safety Engineering Technology Research Center (Shanghai Branch).

The three parties will work closely together to analyze the pain points of the driving test industry and to explore the application of Blockchain technology in smart driving training and examinations.


On August 9th, CPChain established a partnership with Nuggets, a Blockchain payment and authentication platform from the UK, focusing on establishing a privacy-assured e-commerce payments and ID platform. CPChain will be working with Nuggets to discover secure identity and payments from IoT consumers and merchants within CPChain IoT data Marketplace (PDash).

Buyback Program

On August 29th, CPChain announced a buyback plan: in the next 12 months, CPChain will repurchase 50 million CPC tokens from major trading platforms, and the repurchase amount will exceed 13% of the total liquidity, accounting for the 5% of the total circulation.

The fundamental reason for the repurchase is that the CPChain team is convinced that the true value of CPC is not reflected and because the Blockchain industry has recently been affected by many factors. The market has fluctuated greatly and community confidence has been frustrated, although most supporters in the community have not reduced their holdings. The future of CPChain is very optimistic and CPChain decided to use actual actions to express confidence.

Community Operations

The global community has been in a relatively stable state throughout the past month. During the last month, CPChain has conducted several online activities in the global community. We have great teams for both global and domestic operations. Rhea Wu, Domestic Operations Director, and the domestic operations team is developing value and growing as well.


In order to let our supporters have a better understanding of the CPChain RNode Structure, we conducted an AMA session both domestically and globally. We received more than 50 questions in total, and answered 20 plus of them. We appreciate the warm involvement of our community members.

Crypto Coin Trader (CCT)

Crypto Coin Trader is a well-known invitation only Blockchain community on Facebook and currently has more than 100,000 followers. In the past month, CCT has had a very benign interaction with the CPChain community. Its founder, Joe Blackburn, personally led a heated and positive discussion on the CPChain project in the CCT community.

Community Growth


In the past month, CPChain has been growing dramatically and becoming more international. We have added four team members for R&D and two more for Marketing & Operations. Also, we have two members joining our team remotely from Europe and North America. We will have a separate introduction for our new team members and the community in the following two days.


Dr. Long at VNT Chain Roadshow

On August 8th, Dr. Long was invited to attend the VNT Chain Global Roadshow-Beijing Station event and delivered a speech titled “PDash: Free and Secure Data Flow.” Dozens of media, KOLs, industry elites, developers, and technology enthusiasts attended the event. During the event, Dr. Long shared CPChain’s team structure, system architecture, research and development progress, application plans, vision, and challenges. Dr. Long also conducted in-depth communications with senior colleagues.

Dr. Long’s presence at 2018 Australian Blockchain Mission in Shanghai

On September 11th, Dr. Long attended the China-Australia Blockchain communication roadshow in Shanghai and delivered a speech to introduce the basic technical architecture of CPChain, including the team and business partners.

CPChain Meet-up in Shanghai

On September 15th, the first CPChain technology meet-up with the theme of “DPoR Consensus Secret” was successfully held.

Dr. Long elaborated on the design of the CPChain’s infrastructure, PDash data sharing platform, and DPoR consensus protocol. Dr. Zhao Bin, CTO, discussed the application prospects of CPChain in the commercial field and introduced CPChain’s full-process solution in the intelligent transportation field. Dr. Zhao discussed solutions such as driving navigation optimization, assisted driving, traffic scheduling, and personalized auto insurance. Mr. Shi, COO, explained to the audience the future community governance structure of CPChain.

Above is Community Update 6.0 for CPChain. Please continue to follow our social media for community announcements.

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