CPChain Partners with LTO Networks

Sep 28, 2018 · 2 min read

CPChain is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with LTO Network, a Netherlands based company aiming to help improve enterprise level digital transaction proficiency and efficiency with their unique technology.

LTO Network enables organizations and governments to collaborate on equal footing by using trustless business processes. They have been servicing clients from various industries since 2014. For over a year now their focus has been on real-world decentralized workflow applications for enterprises, governments and standalone projects. This allows LTO Network to integrate existing apps and systems, increasing security and transparency while maintaining data privacy and GDPR compliance.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is a cornerstone of what LTO Network can offer to their clients. This is also a main focus of CPChain, especially in regards to our Parallel Distributed Architecture for Data Storage and Sharing (PDASH). The current version of PDASH is extremely close to GDPR compliance, and working with a renowned and established actor in the European market will further strengthen our ability to comply with future regulations. We are confident our relationship with LTO Network will help us achieve this, especially considering they are already fully GDPR compliant.

CPChain are experts in IoT, and IoT data. LTO Network will use CPChain’s IoT data as an integration later on in 2019 in order to track the state of IoT shipments of our joint clients. This collaboration will allow LTO Network and CPChain to work together on exploring European and Asian markets to present a more robust joint solution to clients. We are confident that this partnership will accelerate real world adoption of CPChain’s distributed infrastructure, and result in an increased amount of transactions on our network following the main-net launch.

To further strengthen our collaboration and the mutual benefits of this partnership, LTO Network will help CPChain integrate Live Contracts and automated business processes. Live Contracts are decentralized workflows, similar to Smart Contracts, Live Contracts provide a dynamic method for defining logic on the blockchain. However, the purpose of a Live Contract is not to just determine state, but to actively instruct humans and computers about steps in a workflow.

In the future, LTO Network and CPChain will launch a GDPR initiative ensuring that projects that stand out by being GDPR compliant, and taking privacy seriously, are acknowledged in the industry.

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