CPChain Video Release: Blockchain Applications for the Automotive Industry

Editor & Community Admin— Parth Soni

Cyber-Physical Chain (CPChain) is a full-scale decentralized data infrastructure for the next generation of IoT systems. CPChain enables IoT devices to interact with different data sets over cross-chain applications by integrating Blockchain and IoT technologies. Our platform reduces the cost of system interconnection, increases the value of data sharing, and improves end-user privacy and system security.

Throughout the succeeding months, CPChain will be releasing a series of informative videos which describe various use-cases for the CPChain platform within the Internet of Things industry. Today, we are proud to launch the first of this series!

The following animation embraces several use-cases for our Blockchain-based solution and how CPChain aims to advance the innovative development within the automotive industry:

CPChain Auto Industry Use Cases

Through the de-intermediary data sharing platform provided by CPChain, we can effectively coordinate the interests of vehicle owners, automobile manufacturers, and automobile service providers. The CPChain solution effectively reduces the friction in the process of data circulation and improves the efficiency of the entire mobile service ecosystem.

For car owners, by sharing in-vehicle data, they can receive refined car services and mobile travel services while obtaining data value and ensuring the privacy and security of the owners’ data. For example, by sharing the sensing information of key components of the car, predictive maintenance of key components such as car batteries and motors can be realized to ensure the safety of the car.

For car manufacturers, through the data link constructed by the CPChain platform, we can achieve legal compliance to obtain user usage data and to obtain value through data knowledge processing. For example, manufacturers can provide users with timely, high-quality, after-sales service and provide car loss and safety assessment reports. Automakers can help build closer user relationships while improving product quality and brand image.

For auto service providers, such as insurance companies, it becomes possible to obtain the full life-cycle data of automobiles from production, sales, to use. Service providers can carry out refined and personalized insurance to reduce overall insurance risk expenditure and improve profitability.

The objective of these videos is to display the capabilities of the CPChain platform in a simple and informative manner. While we’ve presented several real-world use-cases for the CPChain platform, these are just a few examples as the opportunities are endless. In long term, the vision of CPChain is to create a highly trusted business ecosystem between human and machine through the deep Integration of Digital Economy and Trust Machine.

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