First AMA of CPChain

Q&A Review

First of all, we are very grateful to the people who raised questions. Your opinions are very important to CPChain. In our first AMA session, we received around 50 questions in total. After discussion with team, we selected 23 questions which most of our audience care about. Hope our replies can help you get a better understanding of CPChain. If you still have more questions, please keep an eye on our follow-up activities and actively participate in the community interaction.

Business Related

1.Can you please further evaluate on your partnerships with Qtum, Metaverse and especially how you are exactly related to Vechain and which role this connection is going to play in the future?

They are early investors of CPChain. When we created CPChain, we conducted in-depth exchanges and communication with the founding teams of Qtum, HPB and Vechain. They all showed great interest in CPChain’s vision and technical capabilities. Through investment and community cooperation, they provided some help on the founding of CPChain. We really appreciate the partners and friends for their support.
 Currently, CPChain focuses on developing the core technologies we proposed in the White Paper. If there is more in-depth cooperation with partners in the R&D and marketing process, we will promptly disclose it in the community. In addition, CPChain is also actively promoting industry cooperation. And we have disclosed the strategic cooperation between CPChain and Zhichao Medical AI Tech Company.

2. What is your long-term vision to become the leading IoT crypto company?

For this year, we say in 2018, CPChain will keep on growing with steadily and solidly to expend our core technology. Besides, we will have more marketing actions. We want to increase international influence based on our deep R&D in blockchain and IoT technologies. The open source of PDash will release in June 2018 and the mainnet of CPChain is expected to be released in October 2018.

For long term strategy, our vision is to realize the transmission of CPS value. Our mission is to build a system of “Internet of Trust Things”, which will greatly promote the prosperity of the IoT system.

3. Do you plan to list on big exchanges? when?

Although the overall cost of mainstream exchange is continuously growing high, CPChain will keep on making further efforts to enter and maintain close connection with major exchanges. We have hit GDEX and Fubit recently. It’s no doubt that no matter when and how we enter more exchanges, CPChain will insist on development priority and community priority, making CPChain a real world-class project.

4. What is the main goal for CPchain? Do you intend to become the leading blockchain solution for IoT? Or be the project that will be able to connect the best blockchain based solutions available, and in that way, be able to build one big IoT mainframe?

CPChain is developing the underlying technology of blockchain to support distributed acquisition, storage and sharing of large-scale IoT data, to provide real, legal and compliant data for application providers, and to create value through distributed intelligent analysis. Meanwhile, the ownership and interest of the data providers are guaranteed. The data sharing will be safer and date flow will be more effective. In the long run, we would like to build a distributed Internet of trust things business platform through data accumulation from physical systems.

5. Do you plan to launch a massive marketing campaign? When?

Yes, there will be more marketing actions, and our Logo/website redesign and essay contents are in progress now. We also consider holding more global meetups, Hackthon Competitions, as well as some promotion events with exchanges. CPChain will strengthen the construction of overseas and Chinese communities. We believe that the Chinese community will bring great attention and trading activity. In the global market, we are working with a number of marketing companies, reaching intention cooperation agreement with them. Besides, we are going to have more presence in important industry conferences and media coverage around the world. Our community members are spread over dozens of countries, which helps CPChain to establish a global connection layout. Community is so powerful, so many people, so many ideas and resources. We also hope that our community friends join in CPChain’s promotion. We will award CPC for community contributors.

6. Can or will be there a tokenburn?

There will not be a tokenburn since hardcap was reached in our private sale. The rest of cpc will be used in community operation.

7. How many are working full-time in this project?

Currently, we have 21 full-time team members, and we are actively recruiting more talents to join CPChain team. By the end of 2018, we plan to have 30 full-time employers, and by the end of 2019, 20 more full-time employers will join our team.

8. There has been a mention of a rebrand, a name and/or logo change. What is your opinion about this? Personally, I think a lot of community members love the name CPChain and love the simplicity of the logo. It’s quite unique.

The name of CPChain won’t be changed. About the present logo, it has a clear explanation of the CPChain’s ecosystem. But it’s a little bit complicated to understand from the first sight. So, we prefer a more simplified and memorable version. What’s more, we would like to empower our community to reconstruct our profile.

9. This project has been around since 2015. What has been going on the past 3 years? Mainly architectural R&D work?

Dr. Long’s R&D team has conducted academic researchers in the integration of Blockchain and IoT since 2015, which constructed the theoretical base and structure for CPChain project.

10. If nodes are rewarded with additional CPC, how will you make sure there will be enough CPC in the future to reward the node-holders? Won’t it run out at some point?

The CPChain foundation will get income from further business operation, which ensure enough CPC to reward the node holders in the future. Furthermore, we’ll establish a CPC economic model to make sure project sustainability.

11. What are your main competitors? Did you have a role in the technology of VeChain in any way, and if so what was it?

Now, there are IOTA, INT, ITC, Vechain, and some other players in the market. Rather than our competitors, we would like to say they are our potential partners to improve the IOT industry together. For now, we’re concentrating on our core technology development. In the future, we’re expecting more tech cooperation with other projects, such as Vechain.

12. What are the plans for CPChain to have a mass adoption in China, when the common Chinese isn’t allowed to buy tokens in exchanges?

In fact, Chinese government always holds the positive attitude towards blockchain technology and applications. We’re also actively seeking more strategic cooperation in Chinese IOT industry. We believe that CPChain technology will be applied in large scale in the future.

13. Adoption is key to mature the blockchain. What is your vision on exposing CPC to the world and how can companies adopt it (paid private partnerships, public documentation, etc.)?

We are actively seeking for influencers, Media platforms, and opinion leaders to increase CPChain’s public exposure.

14. When can we expect your masternodes and how many tokens will be necessary to set it up?

a. CPChain will have masternode release to public, definitely.

b. Masternode release date will be revealed after CPC mainnet goes online in October.

c. Masternodes will be tiered with several layers, with regard to applicant’s CPC amount as well as computing contribution.

d. More detailed layer division plan will be revealed in August.

We will keep everybody updated with the masternode release once we have new decision on it.

15. We see your announcement of partnership with Hunan Zhichao Medical AI. What is the role of CPChain in the whole process?

Zhichao provides AI technology for disease diagnosis and treatment by exploiting big data analysis. Through our cooperation, we hope to provide this diagnosis & treatment system to general public through our cooperation. First, we can develop medical robots together by exploiting CPChain core technology to protect the data privacy for data acquisition and sharing. Second, AI diagnosis and treatment system requires a large amount of data to support its applications. We are also exploring the incentive mechanism by CPChain platform to encourage general public to share their personal data and better to promote the commercial application.

16. How does the CPC team anticipate the evolution of specific hardware usage in the IOT blockchain world, e.g. from tiny nodes (e.g. a heart implant acting as a participant) to a master node (acting as worker, validating transactions)? Can you imagine to partner with a hardware supplier to produce specifically designed chips for the CPChain, or does this not make sense at all for you and why? Thanks.

We plan to develop the prototype of wearable devices. However, we prefer cooperating with hardware suppliers to produce at the current stage.

Tech Related

1.Hi guys, what are the primary advantages of CPC over iota and other competitors, thanks.

Blockchain, as the base of constructing a decentralized trust system, aims to solve three main issues in current IoT industry, which is cost, value and security. The combination of blockchain and IoT is a future trend. Hence, blockchain + IoT is a blue sea. The key technology of IOTA is to use DAG data structure to realize the concurrent confirmation of transaction, which solve the bottleneck problem for current blockchain technology for support high frequency, micro-transaction in IoT. Therefore, the market is concerned. Moreover, most of blockchain technology in IOT only focuses on certain industry applications currently. In CPChain, we focus on promoting the value of data sharing in IoT. To fulfill the goal, CPChain put forward the system of distributed architecture system: main chain — industry chain — distributed cloud storage.

2. Last week the pre-alpha version of the Parallel Distributed Encrypted Storage was published on github. What is the progress of the other key technologies of CPchain? — Hybrid Consensus on Large-scale Public Blockchain — Side chain (DAG?) consensus system

The pre-alpha version covers not only the parallel distributed storage component, but also a functional wallet and the market system. Besides, smart contract has been developed and tested have been conducted on ethereum chain to carry out the seller/buyer data sharing.

In the next stage, we are actively working on:

· multiple proxy based relay network

· intelligent proxy selection

· dynamic seller and data rating mechanism

· micro-service based market architecture

· elastic search powered data information retrieval

· wallet face-lift

· well-furnished wallet transaction logics

· advanced on-chain data storage schema

· flexible chain related communication with proxy, wallet, and market

In view of the hybrid consensus of the public blockchain, our reputation evaluation model has been preliminarily completed. The formal proof and security analysis are now being carried out. The first layer of the committee election algorithm has been preliminarily completed.

3. Can you please explain in layman’s terms how CPChain will have a decentralized cloud storage? How do you plan on storing all that information? I suspect server cloud farms will be required? Is this correct?

a. The data storage platform is determined by the user.

b. Through distributed storage technology, there is no need to store resources in central.

c. Server cloud farms depend on data characteristics

4. Is any of the technology associated with the patents held by cpc currently being used by CPC or any of their partners?

Not yet currently until our main chain online.

5. What will be the total circulating supply after releasing bonuses?

The total circulating supply is around 37% of total release.

6. Could you elaborate on some of the advantages of being an academic startup in the IoT space? (e.g., technical knowledge, greater access to potential partners, exposure from conferences, etc…)

High R&D capabilities are required, including consensus protocols, cryptography, P2P networks, and distributed computing. We can achieve some resources from academic cooperation and association, such as showing our R&D achievement in ACM and IEEE. Dr. Long has already been invited as an editor of the IEEE Blockchain Newsletter recently.

Bonus Scene!

Are you worried that machines might take over the world? Do you take that into consideration when designing CPChain? (Serious question)

Machines will not. BUT, CPChain will. Seriously.