Owing an explanation or moral inventory.
Carly Pedersen

I’m going to end this here, because it’s taken the sort of tone that my online dating rejections took. “Why, why, why, explain why you are rejecting me and why I should let it go.”

In sum, there is no virtuous reason to police women’s romantic choices. Ever. These are private decisions, about human bodies, and women have the final say about who they date and why.

I believe that we don’t owe anyone one shred of explanation or justification for our sexual choices, nor are we obligated to read long, male-authored screeds about our choices.

If you find yourself arguing what women ought to be thinking, what they ought to be doing, how they ought to be feeling, you are on the wrong side of the feminist equation. Woke misogyny is still misogyny. It’s still tiresome to hear a man tell women that they owe society a searching moral inventory because of who they decide to date.