Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)
Benjamin Sledge

I just don’t see why you need the mumbo jumbo of the eternal personal God who is watching everything, the sacrifice of the son and the rising from the dead, etc etc to have the moral and emotional insights you’ve clearly had through Christianity. Isn’t it like this: religion is how people thought about purpose and goodness traditionally, and it necessarily tangled up with all the superstitions and myths of the ages. Now that we know that sickness is from germs not curses, that drought is a climate issue not a ‘God’s mad at us’ issue, that humans are animals too and we evolved just like the rest of them, just wildly more successfully, that the universe in 13.4 billion years old not 5,000 years and earth is miniscule in it (if a god created all that for just humans here, he is bonkers) — well you can keep the morality and the good stuff but come on, the myths have got to go. So much of the bible (OT & NT) is just #thatnastybook where my tribe destroys yours because my god is stronger, and Jesus is not really a coherent figure, cobbled together in the gospels from decades and more of oral tradition, no one can ever know who he actually was. Escape the gravity of the culture you grew up in (I did too), and help humanity transition finally away from superstition and all the #SMH that comes with it to figuring out how to survive together in the future. Which is not looking all that likely in the long run.