Redesign the Legos (Your Life)

Photo by Cory Peticolas

Legos come in every shape, size and color. People put them together in different ways to make very cool things. Just look at Brickfest to see a snapshot of what’s possible with Lego fans.

Your life has been designed in a certain way up to this point. In fact, You are the one that has designed it. Your life has been constructed with a certain color, shape and size of “Lego” so to speak.

You have an opportunity to redesign the Legos (your life).

You can change the shape, size, and color of Legos.

You can build new things.

You can take on a new project.

You can choose to ship your best work.

You can build completely different than what you have done previously.

What’s cool about this redesign process is that… its FUN and rewarding! Smile & Carry on! Carpe diem!

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