The Miracle of March 6th

Find something and give it away.

Photo from Unsplash

A miracle occurred 3/6/2009.

The cool thing about this miracle is that it continues until today, 8 years later.

The Story

There were four of us. We were freshmen in college and we were about to head to Sacramento California for a white water kayaking trip.

We had just finished a roll session in the gym. This involved hopping into kayaks in the pool and voluntarily flipping ourselves over into an icy submersion, in an attempt to roll ourselves back above water. We were building our roll muscles.

We had practiced for weeks. We were now confident in our roll abilities and excited to take on the real challenge of navigating the icy waters of the North Fork.

We started our walk back to our dorm rooms chattering about the up n coming trip. Plans of food, beer, gear and the like were being mapped out.

While walking by this particular special bench we noticed a box!

The box was mostly out of sight, hidden behind a large shrub. Of course this peaked all of our interests so we forced ourselves to investigate. Upon closer examination we discovered much more than than the original box.

There were multiple boxes, and to our delight, all of them unmarked for the receiver. We seized the day indeed!

We saw this as a sign from above and dashed back to our rooms to grab our bags so we could stash our find and enjoy the contents on our kayaking trip.

Just a few days later we were rolling in the North Fork. Paddling furiously with delight. Our roll muscles flexed.

We had found a gift from a stranger. We enjoyed it. And then we gave it away.

The Takeaway is Paying it Forward

Since that day, all four of us pay it forward so to speak. Especially on this day in particular. While the Miracle of March 6th Movement is tiny, it has grown.

Some years we have hidden our own boxes for someone else to find, with the attached story and instructions to pay it forward.

Other years we’ve simply done something unexpected for someone.

We expect nothing in return. The joy in giving, of paying it forward, of knowing that some stranger will have a pleasant surprise in their day makes it all worth it.

How will you continue the Miracle?

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