Keeping Your Sanity and Optimizing Productivity While Working from Home
Mindi Rosser

This is a great post! My wife and I have a 16 week old little girl. And we are in a similar spot as you. We do have some tricks.

Prior to the pregnancy my wife and I were both working full time as nurses, which was pretty nice (as a lot of RNs work 3 days a week) but when the baby came it still wasn’t as flexible as we needed it to be. We ended up not seeing each other as much due to schedules, who’s hanging out with the baby etc. Some friends of ours are in the exact same boat and they only see each other 4 days/month. We did not see ourselves being successful with this kind of schedule.

Way before we thought about being pregnant we had started our own health & wellness business based around nutrition & preventative health. Once the baby came my wife decided to discontinue her “traditional” nursing job, took a leap of faith “this might not work” and is now running the business from home full time. I still work 3-4 days a week as a nurse. What’s really nice is that she is able to be at home with the baby full time. We’re not spending $ on childcare and we get to see each other every day!

So as far as tricks…

Having scheduled date nights is key. If you have friends or family in town that can watch your little one while you two go on a date… it makes the difference.

Make time to get adequate sleep & exercise.

Cool tasty homemade food.

Pray, meditate or do whatever it is that brings your Zen.

P.s. I’m excited to join the alum team come February. I’ll be in the altmba winter session 8.

Also, if you would like to spin more ideas my wife and I both are able to chat. Lots of tricks!


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