Attention Deficit Disorder


German says ‘Attention.’


‘Is anybody out there, can anybody here me?’

‘Is now a good time? Can I say hi to bother you?’

Orange flashlights on a tarmac?.

This Muse is about Focus.

Where does flow happen, and where do you find it?

Many of us struggle to find place and context.

I am nomadic since 2011, as I resigned from a desk. I have not had a photo or artifact since. This brings a mix of romance and remorse, but in many ways, focus.

Is your Focus a function of where you are, and does your space define you? For many, I sense it does, and that makes me wonder.

Imagine your work space, and you. The chair, the photos, the compadres and the connection that goes with your accoutrements. It’s gotta feel good, and it should.

As long as it offers focus.

And if it don’t, what distracts? Your colleagues, or your income or your comfort?

And why change how you feel, or rock boat?

When you can sit in stillness.

And snack in the kitchen.

And feel in it, together.

And share so much.

Distracted, a bit.

What you say?

Thank you,