A new Take on Tech — Born in Copenhagen

Longing for an open, progressive dialogue about the tech world we’re all creating? Wondering where we’re heading? Done with industry silos and convention centers?

Us too. For a while, we have been dreaming up the ultimate experience, one to break down the complex questions technological progress poses. One that is inherently multi-disciplinary & social-minded. Critical & human-centric instead of mere tech hype.

This is why all of us got together to co-create techfestival. Not an outgrown conference, but a true festival exploring the next in tech by asking the hard questions.

Join us and 10,000 entrepreneurs, scholars, grassroots organizers, designers, programmers and other curious minds, when we gather in Copenhagen to explore, debate and celebrate our new take take on tech.

Why We Need Progressive.

With techfestival, we want to explore the human perspectives of technology. How are we shaping our Ego, Citizenship, Cities, Society and how do we Learn, Create, Work, Start up and Play?

And the time is ripe. Over the last 30 years, we have seen tech rise as an underground playground for building the impossible, a mind-boggling new frontier and an outlaw counterculture to the establishment. It has revolutionized not just the way we work, access information, fall in love, travel, eat and socialize, but rewired the very essence of our behaviors and everyday lives. A more drastic human interference is hard to single out. But now, that tech has grown from a counterculture to a world-dominating industry, what is next? After 30 years of Silicon Valley culture, where do we look to?

Copenhagen Calling: Build Your Festival

We are calling for people from around world to come to & use Copenhagen as the place for a new experience. Help drive a much-needed conversation around the human and cultural aspects of modern technology.

Whether you are a passionate organizer of debates and meet-ups, a thought leader in one of our themes, or running an established conference, you can help build this platform as a co-creator.

An Entire City as a Your Stage

We are merging our experiences into the city. During the day, organizers are invited to move and shake their specific agendas all across town, opening up big spaces and small gems in Copenhagen. From 5pm and onwards, we are firing up the main festival area in the Vesterbro area in Central Copenhagen, gathering the festival crowds for a collective experience.

How to get involved:

We are inviting local and international organizers to co-create and co-host throughout the festival:



Established conferences held during techfestival. Joining our festival platform, all your conference guests get wristbands for the entire festival program, including the eve program, meetups and the many shared experiences at the festival main area at Vesterbro.

Wanna add your conference? Talk to our head of festival, Lærke Ullerup.


Daytime summits (up to 150 people) are hosted by selected thought leaders and grassroots organizers. They bring their communities and peers to Copenhagen and use techfestival as a platform to integrate with a broader dialogue about tech. Summits are highly participatory and feature intimate settings.

We have limited summit slots available in our festival program this year. Let us know what your agenda is, who your peers are and what kind of summit you would like to invite them to in Copenhagen. Talk to our head of festival, Lærke Ullerup


Public meetups (300+ people) created by local organizers and grassroots organizations. Free of charge and open to every festival wristband holder.

Each meetup should take around 3 hours and help democratize and amplify knowledge on tech. Anything from advanced niche topics to meetups for beginners are welcome.


After the day’s deep-diving formats, we are opening the festival areas to take you on a journey through the night.

We are working hard to create a festival that makes complex questions tangible and experienceable. Up for the challenge? Join in and create community dinners, installations, bonfire dialogues, guided tours, and anything else we can think of together.

Whether you’re a one-woman-army, a food lab, an artist collective, a start-up or the mayor himself, we’ll find a way for you to get involved. Get in touch with Marie Louise Gørvild and get started.