After August Comes Tech-tember

Copenhagen celebrates technology all through September, when +25 events and over 130 startups show that the city is racing to become a new tech hotspot.

Fast-growing startups, novel tech innovations, buzzing co-working spaces, rise in investments and lots of talent. Copenhagen is racing to become the next tech hub thanks to a fast-paced startup scene. This summer alone, Unity Technologies achieved status as a unicorn company; just as two major exits from Autobutler and Game Analytics showed that Danish tech has the world’s attention.

At the brand new technology festival, Copenhagen Tech Fest, we shine light on the best of Danish tech and share the stories with the rest of the world. All through September, Copenhagen will be buzzing with 25+ events covering the latest the city has to offer in VR, digital marketing, design, front-end development, social media, and much more. Meet the talent, experience the international keynotes, see the innovations, and feel the energy, when organizers across the Danish tech scene share their latest news and put the future stars on stage.

There is so much going on at the Danish tech scene right now that it is hard to keep up. With Copenhagen Tech Fest, we’ll spend all of September celebrating the best of it. Whether you are into VR, digital marketing, design, crowdfunding, front-end, tech startups, social advertising, you’ll find the latest Danish trends and insights in the Tech Fest program of sparkly events — all in one month, in one city,” says Christoffer H. Malling, Head of #CPHFTW, the organizer behind Copenhagen Tech Fest.

The Copenhagen Tech Fest program is a curated program created to shine light on the best of Danish tech to both a Nordic and international audience. The program spans from big events like the brand new VR/AR conference CopenX; the design and UX conference Design Matters; the front-end developer conference Coldfront; a crowdfunding workshop; pitch sessions; Open Day at Founders House and Startup Village; and a #CPHFTW Townhall gathering with local startups in the legendary Copenhagen freetown Christiania.

Copenhagen Tech Community Celebrates

Copenhagen Tech Fest is made to support the Danish tech scene by promoting news and events from local organizers in one campaign. The festival is organized by the tech startup organization #CPHFTW in collaboration with some of Copenhagen’s biggest and most successful tech startups: Zendesk, Twentythree, Momondo, Siteimprove, Unity, Tradeshift, Simplesite as well as the Copenhagen Municipality.

A collaboration that is unique not only in Denmark, but way beyond the borders:

Tech is changing our lives at increasing rate. With the new Copenhagen Tech Fest, we are putting focus on this important area for society, startups and our city. This new festival is the natural evolution of #CPHFTW’s work to mature and improve the city’s ecosystem. A few years back the Danish tech startups realized, we are too small a city and region to not help each other, if we wish to create a tech scene with international attention. That laid the groundwork for an unseen collaboration between over 130 of the most significant Danish startups,” says Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, internet pioneer, co-founder & CEO, Twentythree.

The +25 events are taking place in over 15 venues all over Copenhagen from September 1–30, 2016. More events are added to the calendar every day. The more than 10,000 anticipated attendees will be able to meet international renowned speakers, futurists, social media marketers, virtual reality gurus, Danish tech heavyweights and young startups.

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