#CPHFTW and IT-Branchen Joins Forces to Impact Danish Growth Agenda

Feb 22, 2017 · 2 min read

On March 16, 2017 the Danish tech & it communities come together to address the common challenges of our industries, and influence policy through concrete solutions.

For a long time, it has been a top priority for our members to see #CPHFTW take lead and build a platform for them to start influencing the national political agenda in Denmark.

We’ve listened, and we are super excited to announce the first project to kickstart this work, and the birth of our very first Policy Coffee Circle.

#CPHFTW are joining The Danish IT Industry Association (IT-Branchen) in arranging their Annual Meeting in Børssalen on 16 March 2017 at their 100 year anniversary celebration; at the dinner event, the expected 250 members from both organisations will develop policy together, with an ambitious goal of developing a joined manifest (Vind Verden — “Win the World”) to present to the Danish government. We encourage you to participate and sign up here.

First Policy Coffee Circle — an Invite
To kick off this work and lay the grounds for future work in this area, we are launching our first ever #CPHFTW Policy Coffee Circle later this month, and have already invited the first group of initiators to work on preparing for the March event.

The purpose of the Coffee Circles of #CPHFTW is to create a forum to discuss, share and coordinate around certain topics in the wider tech community — and as such, the Coffee Circles serves the purpose of being a combined voice of the community.

The Circles are always open in nature, and the members of the Policy Coffee Circle will change throughout time. As for the initial group, they have been chosen with the particular project of preparing for the Annual Meeting; but for future meetings, the Circle and the agenda is open for participation. Should you be interested in participation, please let us know.

We need your input!
Creating a manifest that embodies the interest of a community such as the Danish tech community requires us to gather input from as many sources as possible, especially in this phase.

During the coming weeks we will offer ways to engage, facilitate meetups or workshops, and if you write us at hello@cphftw.dk we will send you an overview/suggestions of topics to discuss. As framework for the discussions on 16 March, we have identified the following overall agenda points together with IT-Branchen to identify challenges (in Danish):

  • Create Talent: Digital competences, it-education and (international) recruitment
  • Go Grow! Capital, taxation and support systems
  • Win Globally! Danish it-strengths, growth companies, internationalisation
  • Digitalise Now! Digital transformation of Danish businesses, new business models, use of data

Until next time — make things happen!

Best wishes,
The #CPHFTW Team

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