Tech-tember Is a Wrap — See you in 2017!

We did it! Throughout all 30 days of September 2016, we techy-fied Copenhagen with a blizzard of events showing how we work, play and innovate tech in this city: 44 events in more than 30 venues all over town, all on technology. We have had close to 11,000 people visiting these events to see, hear, feel and think about how tech shapes our everyday life.

Thanks to event organizers from the fast-paced tech scene in Copenhagen, startups, museums, media, universities, institutions etc, Copenhagen’s new tech festival presented a strong year-one program with everything from virtual reality demos; workshops on crowdfunding, gaming, coding and designing; talks on social media trends, shitstorms, AI and lean product building; movie screenings; startup pitches; hackathons; parties; and much much more.

You can still see the full program at
The first year of Copenhagen Tech Fest had great attention from national media as well as journalists, speakers, VCs, experts and companies flying in from the rest of the world to be part of this. Over the last weeks of September, we spread our new festival to over 1,5 million people on social media. 
We have now wrapped up our first edition of Copenhagen Tech Fest 2016, but we are happy to announce that we are coming back in 2017 with more tech inspiration for Copenhagen and beyond.

With a lot of help from our friends
Copenhagen Tech Fest came together in very little time due to the good energy of #CPHFTW and an impressive partner group of Copenhagen tech startups that believed in the idea and helped build it with light speed: Zendesk, SimpleSite, momondo, Siteimprove, TwentyThree, Tradeshift and Unity, along with the City of Copenhagen
The good guys at the new design agency Trouble created our playful and cool identity, and Kenneth Auchenberg built an awesome website in no time.

We have also been blessed with a bunch of passionate individuals, who have helped built Copenhagen Tech Fest from scratch and donated their time, ideas and good energy to this project. Without them this simply wouldn’t have happened: Sebastian Schwemer, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Aleksander Bordvik, Jernej Dekleva, Ervin Szerdocz, Therkel Sand, Steffen Frølund, Eduardo Santana, Jeppe Kjøller, Shamail Haydar, Līga Krauja, Lenka Hudakova, Géza Bence Molnár, Aya Higazy, Laura-Maria Tiidla, Razvan Mihalache and Reka Jenei.

Thanks to you guys, Copenhagen now has a vibrating tech festival! 
We are already now beginning the work for next year’s Copenhagen Tech Fest, so hit us up if you want to get involved as a partner, event organizer or venue partner — or simply have a great idea for how we make Copenhagen’s new tech festival even greater—see the website for info.

Best wishes,

Marie Louise Gørvild & Christoffer H. Malling.