We’re expanding our team! It’s time to create direct connection with investors

Something has been on our wishlist for a while. And now, it has finally become possible.

As you know, #CPHFTW has always been focused on helping the tech community in Denmark and Greater Copenhagen to reach its fullest potential, both nationally and internationally.

Some of our most popular activities throughout the past years have been in relation to fundraising activities, such as investor pitch events and dinners.

And for the first time we are now able to add a dedicated team member to focus solely on matchmaking between startups in the community and investors.

As of today, Danny K. Malkowski will be the heading the initiative as Startup Investment Manager at #CPHFTW. Danny is 32 years old, a former startup CEO and experience from investing in several tech startups. He is also passioned about politics and a former member of the Danish Parliament.

Danny will be spending a great deal of his time establishing connections between relevant startups, Business Angels and VCs. He will also be facilitating knowledge sharing by connecting startups at similar funding stages. A very important function has been added to the community, according to new Managing Director, Michael Bak.

“Adding this core function to the team has been a top priority since i started. It was important for me to find someone who could add experience to the team. With Danny’s experience we now have someone who understands both the startup process and the investor process. I believe, it can make a huge difference for the startups out there fundraising,” says Michael Bak.

A New Collaboration

This community initiative is made possible by a brand new collaboration with Deloitte, and we truly feel that this can lead to an inflow of more international capital flowing towards the Danish tech scene to the benefit of everyone in the community.

”Through our work across markets, we’ve learned a lot about what attracts international investors to startups on the business side, and therefore we welcome this great and important initiative from #CPHFTW. And we also look forward to pass on some of this experience directly to the community,” says Jacob Simonsen, Partner, Deloitte.

So let’s get down to business! If you are a startup looking for funding, please reach out to us at funding@cphftw.dk and we’ll get back to you in the coming weeks.

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