A wearable future for the Barnes Foundation.
Shelley Bernstein

Great project! Congratulations for securing funding for this. 
It strikes me not only as a groundbreaking tech/UX/product design challenge, but also as a content design challenge.
But do you want visitors to stay longer or to avoid bottlenecks?
Some places have been using audioguides as crowd control or flow management devices — I remember at least one historic palace that delivered shorter versions of the audio tours on busy days to avoid bottlenecks, and also after a certain time to make sure the last visitors would be swiftly taken around and see every room (and have a more satisfactory experience than “I didn’t have time to see everything”).
I’m also curious to see how the watch delivers its content. If you have to bring it to your ear to hear each commentary, won’t there be a visitor fatigue similar to when you’re using wands — handheld audio devices with a built-in speaker?

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