Transformative Works

Since about 2000 I have worked on the internet promoting the arts all the while paying it forward with the hopes of influencing change in society. All the while I have started noticing especially as of late, the more things change, the more that certain elements try to reverse the progress of humanity, and wondered why that would be? With that being finally said I have to come to realize since my younger days during the Civil Rights era of the 60’s I have always remained still an activist artist, in music as well as art. Yes… how to effect change through the arts.

Artists have a different way and perspective of looking at things, especially myself. Where I believe some may look at things in a more clinical, linear fashion, I have always believed and stated about the belief in componentization (the belief in reusing already formed ideas and concepts in a new way). For too long have we seen and dismissed the United States’ fascination with the caste system descended from slavery and disenfranchisement of indigenous people of color, turned into a rationalisation of judicial system that forms the cover for the continued oppression of members of the human race. A truly destructive practice that not only destroys the oppressed but the oppressor as well. Dehumanizing society as a whole, while never truly eliminating responsibility from the fact, that all that allow it to continue are complicit. This is the reason behind the move at this time to bring the art of Ikohaus and the music of the CPirateNetwork together in place, so that we may together move towards educating, informing and problem solving the issues that we now face in a global environment. I never wanted my children to face the inhumanity of racism that I grew up to in the 60’s and the war of brother against brother, but yet here we are facing the very same issues we thought we solved in the 60’s. It is no wonder the youth still say “Peace” when ending a conversation. A longing still exists for us to create and fashion an existence free from the ignorance that we face today.

Originally published at on October 26, 2015.

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