Love your voice..
Kim Kaplan

What exactly are you afraid of? Could it be: Not getting a free cheque from the government? Economic reform so the country is not in debt? To even fathom funding social programs the country needs money. He will inherit the biggest national debt in history. People need help not hand outs and societies or communities prosper when everyone contributes. I just do not understand what these blank emotional statements of fear and hate are based on. There is no details to them, it’s like a little kid screaming ‘I hate you’, just because you said no to buying their 3rd lollipop that day. So these empty emotional statements are childish and seem to me to be a form of ‘terrorism’, just polite and of course politically correct as we all are ‘hush hush’ on facts.

I want a President and govt people who inspire and create intelligent + factual debates and have a propensity to act. That’s what we need.