Which Delegate is Right for You? 1–10

For all the new Ark community members, this article will be laying a general outline for the top 10 delegates and what their proposals include. Although in this article you may find a delegate that you really like, I strongly recommend doing some of your own research before making a final decision. Also, if you are reading this article months into the future, some of the information may be outdated.

First off, some information on the delegate system. A delegate is a user that paid 25 ark in order to register their username as a delegate. If a delegate reaches enough votes to make it to the top 51 delegates, they begin to verify transactions on the network, or forge blocks. For every block the delegate forges, they recieve 2 ark and any transaction fees within the block. Because of this great value attached to being a delegate, most delegates create proposals/profit sharing plans in order to convince users to vote for them. Some other delegates are private and only share their rewards amongst themselves.

The Ark Delegates:

#1: Arkpool,

  • Pool reward sharing — 90%
  • Payment interval is either 12 hours or every 4 ark earned
  • Covers transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .20 ark

As far as I can tell, arkpool, or ShineKami on the ark.io forum and slack, is not extremely active in the forums and on reddit. He does however have a steady pay and great service.

Website: https://arkpool.net/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/194/

#2: Bioly,

  • Pool reward sharing — 90%
  • Payment interval is every 3 days with a minimum of 1 ark earned
  • Does not cover transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .26 ark

Also, Bioly has been very beneficial to the community, creating helpful technology like an Ark blockchain explorer(explorer.arkno.de), snapshots of the Ark blockchain(s.arkno.de) and he provides date for arkstats.net.

Website: http://pool.arkno.de/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/164/

#3: Sharkpool,

  • Pool reward sharing — 90%
  • Payment interval is every 12 hours if earned more than 5 ark
  • Does not cover transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .23

Sharkpool sometimes does giveaways for his voters. For instance, on the 10th of January 2018, there will be a raffle for a PS4 Pro or 250 ark if you win first place and respond in 2 days. In second and third place, there will be a 50 ark and 25 ark prize respectively.

Website: https://sharkpool.pro/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/359/

#4: Yin,

  • Pool reward sharing — 100% for the first two months
  • You can request payment every 3 hours with a minimum of .2 ark
  • Covers transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .25 ark

Important information as of now(December 12th of 2017) is that the registration for yin is currently closed. The delegate is an invite only program for the foreseen future.

Website: https://yin.network/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/362/

#5: Jarunik,

  • Pool reward sharing — 80%/5% to cover fees/5% voter bounty
  • Weekly payment or as soon as reserve can cover fees
  • Covers transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .23 ark

Jarunik is very heavily invested and active in the reddit, discord and slack communities here at ark. He currently moderates /r/ArkEcosystem, /r/arktrader, and our community discord. He writes articles about Ark at medium.com, mini-guides for reddit, and has donated thousands of Ark via his Voter Bounty Program. You can see all his projects (here)[https://www.reddit.com/r/DelegateJarunik/wiki/projects].

Website: https://arkcoin.net/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/251/jarunik-delegate-proposal

#6: Superstar,

Currently a Korean private pool. Information unknown.

#7: bbclubark,

Currently a private pool. Information unknown.

#8: dutchdelegate,

  • Pool reward sharing — 95%
  • You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly with a minimum of .1 ark earned
  • Covers transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .26 ark

DutchDelegate is a group of three graduate students in Netherland. They promise that the profit share percentage will never go down, and they want to remain very profitable with their profit sharing. If necessary, they said they were thinking about a wait list and second delegate account.

Website: http://www.dutchdelegate.nl/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/388/

#9: biz_classic:

  • Pool reward sharing — 90%
  • Default daily with a minimum of 1.1 ark(you can set your own payout)
  • Does not cover transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .25 ark

Biz_classic and biz_private(rank #27) have many benefits for their voters. On their website, registered voters with 50 ark get 3x rewards on their faucet(roll for free ark), they also have True Block Weight payments and they compound your unpaid balance in order to more accurately payout for your work done.

Website: https://classicdelegate.biz/

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/352/

#10: dr10,

  • Pool reward sharing — 72%
  • Rewards are paid weekly(no minimum?)
  • Covers transfer fees
  • Estimated daily earnings with 1000 ark is .26 ark

Although his videos are high quality, Dr10 has been heavily criticized as his proposal revolves around the fact that the money gained from his 28% take is spent on Ark promotion and Ark videos, despite his last crypto video being a month ago, and his last ark video being 3 months ago. He estimated in his proposal that a year from now or 18 months from the proposal, he would be at 100.000 YouTube subscribers, and currently is at 2,121 at the time of writing.

Website: http://www.youtube.com/dr10

Proposal: https://forum.ark.io/topic/349/


After you’ve decided what delegate you want to vote for(this should not just be based on this article alone), you should visit this article written by delegate Jarunik for a quick tutorial on how to vote.


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