Wonder Lab: Thesis

Draft Thesis
Invisible social, cultural, or knowledge barriers keep us from exploring territories which we perceive as uncomfortable and prevents a dialog of perspectives. As a result, we become more isolated in our fields, relationships, and self, and don’t capitalize on the richness of diversity that is afforded by an open exchange of stories and viewpoints. Design works to understand and dismantle these borders in an appropriate way and allows us to see these spaces as opportunities we are encourage to engage and exchange with.

Other thoughts/Reflections:

I will interpret the significance of the subject by ___ , bringing together my interests in ____ and ____ in order to ____.

my interests in:
understanding the motivations for people’s behavior and opinions
interpreting large data and research to detect patterns grounded in evidence (because I don’t like making assumptions about people/things)

looking holistically to understand the origins and manifestations of a story

in order to:
create products that help self discover in order to spark confidence in exploring the uncomfortable.
bring comfort to uncomfortable subjects

I have previously worked in the areas of:
genetic engineering
scientific cloud data
obsolete technologies
long distance relationships
healthcare in foreign cultures

*These fields share the commonalities of: a multi-layered complex problem, a disconnect between people (specialized knowledge v general population, communication between people, people wanting to hold onto obsolete technology v people wanting to move forward, native v foreigner)

what I like to do:
bring simplicity to complex problems
make people feel empowered to explore things they might feel uncomfortable in
work in problem spheres that are initially seen as exclusive because people don’t have the language or knowledge to talk about it.

why I like to do it:
I think its important to create entry points into things so that people are able to bring their individualized talents and gifts into any problem
creating a way for people to speak in a universal way allows everyone to participate
breaking down barriers (in culture, social, jargon/knowledge) affords accessibility and a richness of diveristy.