. . . About Hillary Clinton

There is absolutely no doubt, Hillary Clinton is intelligent, accomplished, experienced and articulate. In many respects, she is a woman to be admired and emulated. Yet, inspite of Hillary’s many admirable characteristics, she is not street smart. Not only that, she is not as politically savy as her mate — the former president, affectionately known as Bill. So, Hillary as much as I admire you, I think it’s time to “take it to the streets” (so-to-speak).

The rules are simple. Sometimes, even when you believe you are right, take the road of least resistance. Offer only a simple explanation with an apology. The details of this email server vs. that email server gets lost by some of us. All we hear from you is a lot of “blah, blah, blah.” Say something to the effect, that you did not mean to deceive anybody. Once offered, avoid repetition and sarcasm. At this point, substitution is recommended.

Substitute discussion of a popular more digestible issue. Something like your policy initiative for post secondary education. If anyone attempts to distract you with reference to the email issue — this might be the time to emphasis your apology and provide an addition. How much you learned from the experience. Something to the effect, that you have learned what not to do in the future. The public just loves the learning scenario. Humble trumps smart.

Once you have a substitue issue — stick to an easily digestible explanation. The “nuts and bolts” so-to-speak. For the most part, average citizens are not lawyers. So, sticking to the basics is highly reccomended.

Finally, don’t be phony. At this point, part of Trump’s appeal is his persona. As a master of retail politics, he has mastered being real/authentic. In short, don’t fake it.

Truly, I think you can make it. But, that’s another conversation.

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