It’s About “The Donald”

So, here we go again. It’s all about The Donald. So many questions, so little time. Guess I had better get started.

1. Immigration. For the children born in this country of undocumented immigrant parents, attention must be given to the realities of the 14th Amendment - so, please explain to us how their rights will be protected?

2. What about the wall you have proposed between Mexico and the United States? More details are needed, especially since Mexico is a sovereign nation. I know it’s the art of the deal; but, what part of “the deal” will make an impact with the Mexican government? What will make them support this effort?

3. Now — this idea of “taking the oil” from Iran. How is this “taking” going to work? Details, details, details. By no stretch of the imagination can I envision this being done without the military; so, should we prepare for further military engagement?

4. Since you have labeled Hilary Clinton “the worst Secretary of State” ever — what specific mistakes did she make and how would your rectify these mistakes? By the way — what Secretary of State was worse — and in what ways?

5. A few years ago, a political cliché was, “it’s the economy stupid.” For many Americans this is still a reality. As a master of capitalism, how specifically would you revitalize the economy — promote economic growth? Since by your own acknowledgement you are very rich, specifics would be appreciated.

6. As a Republican candidate, which Republicans would you consider for your cabinet and why?

7. Since post secondary education is important to many voters, what policy initiatives will be advanced by your administration?

8. What would minority supporters have to look forward to under your administration?

Just for the record, there really are more questions; but, these might be good starts.

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