Reflections . . .

The reflections posted here are truly “just me.” While I am proud of my association with Norfolk State University’s Department of Political Science, these notes are not a representation of that association or representative of the university, faculty, staff or students at Norfolk State University.

Admittedly, I have been a “political junkie/addict” for a very long time. But, now I am also a serial Donald Trump watcher. So what does this mean? First, note that there is a distinction between being a “supporter” and a “watcher.” As a supporter, there would not only be some agreement with Mr. Trump’s policy objectives, perspectives and goals; but, there would be agreement with the specifics, such as agreement on the methods for achieving his goals. I don’t know enough of the details to fall into this category. Instead, I fall in the watcher category. Yet, in fairness, last night’s (August 19, 2015) CNN interview got closer to the mark.

So, now what does that mean for me as a watcher? As a watcher, I am amused and entertained by some of his comments, waiting anxiously for his next observations and for the media frenzy caused by his appearances. Like many other watchers, I rushed home to give close attention to Mr. Trump’s latest CNN interview. Did I learn anything new? Was I able to fit him into a Republican Party mold? Was there a policy contrast between him and his Republican opponents? I couldn’t tell. The specifics just weren’t there.

Consequently, for now, fellow political junkies . . . let the watch continue!

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