Ever wondered what other teams are doing during their ceremonies? Ever wanted to know if you were demonstrating the right behaviors as a competent Scrum Master? Ever got “voluntold” to cover for a teammate who was at training? If you’re reading this, then I’m going to make a blind assumption that you have been in this position. For me, I had an opportunity to facilitate a sprint planning session.

Prior to the session, I spoke with my teammate, Petra Khaliqi, on what she wanted to me to make sure I cover. Though our styles are tremendously different it reminded me…

First off, I would like to say Merry Christmas Eve to all my friends, colleagues, and especially the random recruiters messaging me roles on LinkedIn.

A current situation I’ve been working with my teams on is moving from a component development mindset to a more holistic approach (vertical slices). Many Scrum Masters going through this similar scenario with teams who don’t work in a very specialized area of tech such a machine learning for example. Machine learning is its own beast, but what is excellent about this discipline is that there are so many opportunities for developers, data scientists, and…

During my second “last day” at my previous job, I took time during our team meeting to recognize each teammate individually by letting them know the impact they have made on me during my tenure there. Some were short, some were detailed, but each statement was personal and tailored for that person. We get so busy driving “value” for our organization and focusing on long term goals that we failed to highlight the learnings we gain from different perspectives throughout the journey. One of the things I challenge myself to learn every time I come to a new team/organization is…

Christopher Richardson

Yea waterfall is cool and what not, but have you ever used Agile?

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