10 Facts that Make Gladiator Bud Trimmer the Best Automated Trimming Machine

The Gladiator Bud Trimmer

So you are planning to buy a commercial bud trimmer for your cannabis cultivation? Good choice! Although you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about which bud trimmer machine to buy since there seems to be an abundance of these in the market. Having the right trimming machine can make all the difference, which is why you want to make sure that you invest in the right machine.

When we talk about the finest bud trimming machines available in the market today, Gladiator Bud Trimmer by CenturionPro Solutions easily takes the cake. This automated bud trimming machine features advanced engineering and design, which allow it to trim the cannabis with remarkable finesse and speed.

Following attributes make Gladiator Bud Trimmer for marijuana trimming a compelling purchase:

  • Gladiator Bud Trimmer yields the highest volume per hour. It can process 16 to 24 lbs of dried buds and 80 to 120 lbs of wet buds in an hour.
  • It is built with double barrels/tumblers, perfect for large scale commercial marijuana cultivation.
  • Its small size (30"L, 25"W, 27"H) and light weight (150 lbs) make it portable and convenient to use.
  • But don’t let its dimensions and weight fool you! Its industrial blower delivers power of 4hp. It has a single motor, of 120 volts and 7 amperes, to drive both of tumblers and cutting reels. Pretty powerful for a machine that is so small and handy!
  • The superior quality blades, made of D2 hardened steel, can perform up to 75,000 cuts in a minute. The high performing speed of the machine will help you in quickly delivering your product to the market.
  • It has a simple and intuitive design. Not only is it easy to operate, it is also quite easy to clean.
  • The working capacity is so high that it can easily do the work of 40 people.
  • Its large size hopper folds easily for convenient storage.
  • It trims the buds in a precise and consistent fashion, which means you get the same superior quality finishing every time.
  • Even with all of its super fast and efficient processing capability, Gladiator Bud Trimmer is gentle on the bud preserving its natural quality.

Gladiator Bud Trimmer for Weed offers everything that an ideal commercial bud trimmer should offer. Buy Gladiator Bud Trimmer to make your marijuana cultivation a more profitable business.