Love Bias
Sofie Lindblom

Sofie, if you ask the wrong question you will almost always get the wrong answer. We live in a day where many people are confusing the issues by saying nothing is right or wrong. Well there is a right and a wrong answer about who or what you love. We are seeing a world gone mad because no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying there is right and wrong. 
Well Sofie, you are promoting your mixed up and confused lifestyle and saying “if it feels good do it” as the old adage goes. Our world has lost its moral compass and too many are not willing to stand up and say enough!!
I am amazed and dumbfounded how liberals (oops there I go labeling) are willing to say there are no moral absolutes or there is no right or wrong unless it is a Christian saying there are moral absolutes and there is a right and a wrong way to act on your “feelings”. I am saddened to see so many suffering as a consequence of wrong “choices”. Too many are ignoring what they know to be right or wrong and you do not need a Christian like me to tell you that fact because God has given you a conscience. I am old enough to see the results of those who bought into the garbage you are peddling years ago and are now living with Aids, HIV, alcohol and drugs and all the rest. 
BTW, the same goes for those who have slept around and practiced “free love” or have lived with their “significant other” without the commitment of marriage. 
As you read this please ponder this question, is it at all possible that I am right? If a person can ponder your twisted questions and not at least ponder mine then you have been deluded.

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