The punctuated equilibrium in cloud?
Glen Robinson

I was at a CTO Meetup earlier in the week where the main topic was Kubernetes (k8s) — something that I’ve seen as a perfect example of what Simon calls an ‘open source weapon’, in this case a weapon deployed by Google against IaaS in general and EC2 in particular. What surprised me at the meetup is that not only is k8s hoovering up mind share in the containers space, and making workload portable across clouds, but that many of those present have already landed on Google’s cloud. Some said this was down to generous promotional offers, whilst others commended the simplicity of GKE as a way to get up and running with k8s, but either way the shoots of adoption are starting to sprout.

Of course AWS Lamba moves the game on entirely, and then there’s Google Cloud Functions; but I’ve always said that Google would have a supply elasticity of demand advantage over AWS when the inevitable cloud price war turns hot (because is a tiny part of AWS, whilst GCP is a small part of Google, giving Google the more fungible resource base).