There are No Rules in Making Art

It’s the same as telling the other person how he should breath in life. Like telling him there are rules in breathing.

The same applies in making art. For me art is anything from sculpting to sketching to making drawings out of mud.

For the artist, you shouldn’t care what people think about your art. Our goal as an artist is to invoke emotions to the viewer and to introduce ourselves to them. We shouldn’t be obsessed too much on how many likes and what’s trending out there.

If you see the paintings and the works of famous Renaissance artists, from the first glance, you already know who’s painting is which.

Also, I wanted to add that don’t get intimidated by other artist because each of us are unique in our own way.

Do not fear when other people compare your art to others. It’s their opinion and don’t let that affect you.

Just continue to do what you do best.

We better die doing originals than died a copycat.

I said that.

Seafarer and Father. Illustrator, Guitarist and Singer